Thursday, August 15, 2013

When Robert met Trent in NOLA

The last time Robert Smith & Trent Reznor were together in New Orleans (Swing Tour show 1996, with Trent, Marilyn Manson, and Clint Mansell in attendance), well, things got a bit odd. The story from Alternative Press:

"Every city in America has at least one Gothic club. In New Orleans, it's the Blue Crystal. When a band like the Cure is in town, the Blue Crystal throws a party after the show. The club called Reznor, the closest thing they have to a local dignitary, to invite him to the Cure after-show party. Further conversation revealed that the only way the Cure would show is if Reznor is there, too. You can't hear it anywhere in Nine Inch Nails, but Reznor is a Cure fan from way back. He considers the Cure's The Head On The Door" one of the best records ever." His favorite description of himself: "Robert Smith with a head cold."

"I end up going to the club, and surprisingly, everyone from the Cure is there. And the bartender calls me over and says, 'Robert really wants to talk to you.'" Reznor smiles, makes a face that says: You mean I have to meet one of my teen idols in a goth club in Louisiana? Now? In front of all these people?

"It ends up," Reznor says, "me and him, hugging on the dance floor. He's like, 'I love you, dude,' and I'm like, 'I love you too, man.'" The Cure fans formed a loose circle around the pair while New Order's "Blue Monday" pumped out of the speakers. "It was the greatest scene," Reznor says.

"We were both fairly incoherent," he feels compelled to add."

So what will happen this time? Will the bromance continue? Do we even have a goth club now? I would have no idea. No, this time, since it will still be Halloween (sort of), Trent should take Robert to The House of Shock or The Mortuary. :)


  1. A bit drunk, less to say! NIN will be on tour but headline the same festival so... Maybe they've met in Asia or On Chicago ?

  2. two of my favorites showing love to each other. can't get any better.

  3. I love you man... but you're still not getting my Bud Light.