Thursday, March 21, 2013

LatAm 2013 Tour support acts

I'll post them here as they're announced.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - Herod Layne (Source)
Sao Paulo, Brasil - Lautmusik, Herod Layne (Source)
Asunción, Paraguay - Deliverans and Tribu Sónica (Source)
Lima, Peru - Resplandor and Kinder (Source)
Bogota, Colombia - Superlitio and MModcats (Source)
Mexico City, Mexico - Lorelle Meets the Obsolete, Johnny Indovina, Andrea Ballency (Source)
(Thanks Rafael, Mad Bob RJS, David, Alfio, @biva77, @Ronald_Qiu)


  1. According to several facebook and twitter accounts, another band called Herod Layne will be joining Lautmusik as opening act in Sao Paulo and will be the only band opening the Rio de Janeiro concert. Couldn´t find any official press release though. Anyway, both bands are virtually uknown here in Brazil, but are amazing! Mr. Smith has a swell taste in music, if it is indeed he who chose the bands.

  2. Yep. I'm the drummer for Lautmusik (thanks for the kind words, Rafael!), and I believe it was in fact Robert who picked the bands.

    1. Hi Rodrigo. Just wanted to congratulate you on being picked to play at the show!

      What an incredible honor from Robert. Going to be a night many will never forget. Hope you have a great time, a wonderful show, and gain lots of new fans.

    2. You´re welcome, Rodrigo! Just give me a backstage full access pass and everything is ok, lol!

    3. Hey, me too! And plane tickets and a hotel room. :)

  3. Thanks, Craig! Yes, we are extremely honored. We're having a gig tonight at our hometown Porto Alegre. The setlist should be similar to the one we will play in Sao Paulo. Should be fun!