Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bernard Lenoir talks about The Cure

"Bernard Lenoir, famous French 'alternative' radio DJ (also known as the 'French John Peel'), whose daily show on France Inter was suddenly stopped 2 years ago, is releasing a double compilation of his favorite songs that includes 'Just Like Heaven'.

In this interview with Telerama, he mentions the Cure twice: once about the Black Session in Paris in 2004, and later about how 'Just like heaven' became the theme song of the TV show 'Les enfants du Rock' (a cult French music TV show in the 80's)

- at 00:25 : he answers about his most memorable black session: "Oh my god! We did 350 Black sessions, I can't think of one... yes, the one we thought would never happen, it was The Cure. They finally came and played for nearly 3 hours. It was a big surprise."

- at 10:30 : Just Like Heaven reminds me of 'Les Enfants du rock'. When I became the presenter, we tried to upgrade the show and started looking for a new theme song. I had a friend called philippe [?] who suggested we ask for a tune from Robert Smith. He accepted right away and sent us 'Just like Heaven'. It was still instrumental, he put the lyrics on it a few months later. Later on, it became a real song, and I think one of the brightest cure songs, compared to the gloomier songs of Pronography or Disintegration." (Thanks Sylvain and @guillaumegrivaz)

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