Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)

Blinded By Sound seems to have a regular feature called "Friday We're In Love (With The Cure)". Two have been posted so far - 'High' and 'Just Like Heaven/A Forest'. (Thanks David)

Update (March 8th, 2013): New one just posted - 'How Beautiful You Are/To Wish Impossible Things'.

Update (March 15th, 2013): 'Memories Of Lust, Loneliness From Masterpiece Album 'Disintegration'.'

Update (July 22nd, 2013): They've added a few new ones to their series - From '100 Years' to 'A Night Like This''All I Want', and 'Apart' / 'Sinking'.

Update (August 9th, 2013): 'Torture' / 'Want'.
Update (August 23rd, 2013): 'Lovesong' / 'End' .
Update (August 30th, 2013): 'Pictures of You' / 'A Chain of Flowers'.
Update (Sept. 13th, 2013): 'Burn'
Update (Oct. 18th, 2013): 'Boys Don't Cry' / 'Sugar Girl'

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