Saturday, February 16, 2013

A look back at 'Bloodflowers'

Diffuser takes a look back at 'Bloodflowers' on its 13th anniversary this week. (Thanks Jorge)


  1. Good God! Thirteen years?!

    I remember buying that album and being so excited. I then took it back to the store to exchange because I thought there was a problem with the booklet. What a lousy booklet. I'd just sit in my dorm room and listen to it in the dark. Every time I hear "The Last Day of Summer", I still think of this really pretty girl in my history tutorial class, on whom I had such a crush, at the time. She wouldn't look at me 'cause I think I came on too strong.

  2. I don't like their retrospective look at albums, so simplistic.

  3. The best album of all times. And like with 'The Scream', I just can't understand how possible it is to write such an immense song like 'Out Of This World'. Makes me cry to see what Robert and The Cure have achieved artistically. Will the wold understand one day ? What it represents ?

  4. great album, crock of shit article.

    first Cure album downloaded from Napster and listened to for about 8 months before we could buy it...

    1. ....which is where Roger firmly lays the blame for the album being a flop. Not many people 'remembered' to actually pay for it when it finally was released. Yet another Cure marketing fuck-up.