Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cure in the NY Times Crossword Puzzle

From the NY Times Crossword Puzzle for Sunday, Jan. 13th, 2013:

100 Down - "There Is ____" (a song by The Cure)."

And it got a mention at the Wordplay blog, too.

(Thanks @AlexArrowsmith and @avafay)


  1. i always fail miserably and get like zero answers when i try the nyt puzzle. why can't clues like this be there whenever i try?

  2. typically the answer is ONE word not two. I'm just annoyed because I haven't finished my coffee and was thinking "what the heck is a 'NOIF'?"

  3. I had to really think about that one. That is not an easy one for a non-Cure fan!

  4. The NYT one doesn't tell you when it's more than one word, like some puzzles do.