Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cure items for sale

Dayna from A Foolish Arrangement has a bunch of Cure items (Five Swing Live, tickets, passes, shirts, Wish Tour pin & Bird necklace) up for sale. (Thanks Dayna)

Brian has a few interview picture discs, a 'Hot Hot Hot' 7", and the 'Retrospective' CD for sale. (Thanks Brian)


  1. It does work... it looks like Craig forgot the www in front. :)

    Also... I'll be listing things a little at a time on eBay, so I suggest if anyone is interested, they check back periodically. As of today, I listed another Five Swing Live plus a very rare Cure water bottle given out for the Sept. 10 1989 show (I know right??!) as well as some other goodies. And I've only listed about a third of the tickets I have to sell... so those will be listed soon too.