Friday, December 14, 2012

Love & thoughts to Sean of The Cureheads

From Gary of The Cureheads: "if you know Sean from The Cureheads please please please think about him now.... he needs your love and will and best wishes.... please do it... He is the only real friend I have... I need him to stay on this planet...."

All of my love & positive thoughts to you, Sean. Please get better soon. Lots of fun Cure stuff ahead, and you are NOT going to miss them!

Update: Gary has updated his condition here. Sean is doing better, but still not out of the woods yet.


  1. I have just spoken with Sean and told him what a horrible mean man he is for making us all so nearly happy then letting us down by surviving an awfully huge heart attack. He is really really touched by everybody's best wishes..... as was I. I got something in my eye earlier and may have appeared fallible....normal service is resumed.... please continue to wish the Flude ( Sean Flude ) well, but please don't encourage him to post NHS nightgown photos of him giving Paul McCartney style thumbs ups..... ;) Let's wish him well and get him fit...he's not out of the woods yet...but then I know he is sent to torture me so he wont be going anywhere soon...

    1. Thanks for the update :) All the best to Sean, peace and recovery.

    2. Thank you for the update, Gary. Huge sigh of relief that he's at least doing better right now.

      Get well soon, Sean, and keep torturing Gary. :)

  2. Wish all the best to Sean, lots of rest and it'll be ok.

  3. Best wishes to Sean. For sure soon we´ll be enjoying CURE again. And don´t forget to visit Mexico City in the next CUREheads tour. I want so much to see you in a concert. Take care. :)

  4. Best wishes to Sean from Italy.
    C'mon, we can create a worldwide chain of wishes...

  5. Thankyou Craig and Gary. I'm about to leave hospital all patched up. The countless messages of support that I received were a real comfort in my hour of need . Craig I get to live another day to torture Gary thats a promise. It was really great to know you cared enough to post this for me . Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everybody that contacted me . And special thanks to you Craig . You made me feel important and special and I loved the attention . Now let's get back to enjoying the band we all love so much . The music that brings us all together from so many age groups and walks of life from all round the world. Love. Sean Flude