Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Kevin Vanbergen working on Cure project

From Kevin Vanbergen's Facebook on Nov. 21st: "Working with The Cure this week! Get in!" 
On Nov. 28th: "Rendering video... 3 days now... Boooring!!!!"
On Dec. 7th: "Week three on the cure almost done. Mammoth job!"
And when someone replied, asking if it was one of the deluxe editions, this was his reply: "Can't say on Facebook. A new project. Exciting times." (Thanks Dan)

Hmm, Reflections or SummerCure DVD/Blu-Ray? Who knows! Well, Robert does, but he's not saying just yet. :)  But very good to know work is being done on something. 

Update: Kevin has now deletd these posts. Guess he wasn't supposed to say anything. :)


  1. Can we at least get a single, people? 4+ years between all new material releases has its downside. If you can't do a full album at least do a single or two.

  2. R E F L E C T I O N PLease!!!
    No summer cure. it was great but not for another festival DVD.

  3. Really not buying a word of this until I see something done. It's exactly THIS that riles us up and we get nothing.

  4. Blah blah blah... Just bring it!

  5. Do you think Robert Smith shares acquaintance with the Santa Claus ?

    Do you think the Santa Claus can help him ?

    I'm only 3 years old but I am a fervent Cure fan and I have been waiting for a new Cure album and the Reflections BR for all my life

    I have been behaving very well this year

  6. live in orange in blueray + reflections