Friday, September 28, 2012

Cure tribute party in Toulouse Sept. 29th

"A BIG CURE TRIBUTE PARTY is organized at "CONNEXION LIVE" in TOULOUSE, in south of FRANCE, on saturday 29th of september : 9 bands will cover songs from THE CURE (T Teen, Abberline, The deserteurs, Clone Clowns, Face B, The Ruby Cube, Fancy Dress Contest, My Imaginery Loves, Alone with Everybody) band FANCY DRESS CONTEST will cover PICTURES OF YOU...then 2 DJ's (MR BARNES + DJ POPISSIMO) will mix 80' will be a BIG CURE TRIBUTE PARTY, Up to 500 persons are expected. More info here. (Thanks Sebastien)


  1. thats in Toulouse this week, visiting from Australia...might just have to check it out...thanks Craig...