Friday, September 28, 2012

Love and Other Tragedies

From Roger on Facebook: "Some news for December, yes I know its June but you have to plan ahead. Julia Kent and I will be releasing an album together called Love and Other Tragedies. It consists of our versions of classical love stories each in three movements.

We will be performing the album in its entirety in London, New York and Paris in December with hopefully members from her all cello group Rasputina.

We will of course film at least one of the performances... The album will be released in December at the same time as the performances in vinyl and digital download only.

I think Julia is the single most talented musician I have ever worked with and I am very very proud of our work together, its truly an honour to play with her." (Thanks Johan)

Update (Sept. 5th): From Roger on Facebook - "Love and Other Tragedies" is finished! I finished writing it yesterday and have sent the new pieces to Julia to record in NYC. Im just listening to the 3 tracks we have recorded already and its so so beautiful. We are talking about playing shows in December. But you'd better bring tissues hahaha its very very sad..."

Update (Sept. 28th): From Roger on Facebook - "For many reasons the release of Love and Other Tragedies has been put back until February 14th next year. Good news is Jo Quail will be playing with Julia Kent and I at the release show with two other guest cellists. There will only be one show and that will be in London at the end of February, hopefully at St Leonards.... See you there!"


  1. I dare say the London one will be filmed by the usual suspects.... :)

  2. And here I was hoping for a US tour...

  3. I hope the delay is because he's working on a new cure album...