Saturday, August 4, 2012

Clash of the Titans: The Cure vs Radiohead Live

The Quietus went to Bilbao BBK Live, and takes a look at who had the better set between The Cure and Radiohead.
(Thanks Mike and Darrell)


  1. No way! I love both of these bands!!! Though I know a lot of Radiohead stuff were heavily influenced by The Cure even though they won't admit it. It's so relevant in their music!

  2. Not a big Radiohead fan at all, so the article is spot on haha.

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  5. Thom Yorke had said he was influenced by The Cure but it was.a long long tme ago. In the early days of Radiohead he even used to spike his hair up a bit ! I think Robert has had few positive words about their first albums. Didn't he pick up 'Creep' for a radio playlist ? I have a vague souvenir of that. But after the 'In Rainbows' affair, it's surely cold as ice between them ! The Cure and Radiohead stayed at the same hotel in Bilbao and I've been wondering if Thom and Robert met/talked/argued ?! Robert probably saw Jonny Greenwood who arrived the day before, having a drink on the hôtel terrasse. Maybe he wanted to attend The Cure concert...
    I saw both gigs at Bilbao and The Cure's was better by far. The Cure played for 3 hours, Radiohead 1:45. I reviewed Bilbao so you can read what I think of it and it wasn't the best of my 7 gigs on this tour but The Cure were bigger and brighter ... Hum, stop kidding. More powerful and into it. Radiohead played lots of their two last albums which included some remarkable tracks and the most boring and laziest ones they've ever released. At the end of the show they played some of their classics and it was ok but the overall thing was dissapointing regarding the other Radiohead concerts I attended. And what to say about Thom's demagogic statement while on stage : 'You've got big problems here in Spain. You should go on the street to ask your money back. The banks stole it...blahblahblah'. Come on... I feel for several years that he's not exactly the guy he pretends to be... And he's the biggest fake anticapitalist I know in music industry. It's funny because I wrote this thread before reading the Quietus article and the journalist talks about that too...
    The Cure 3- Radiohead 1 !!!

  6. I've waited years to read this article. Thank you thequietus!

  7. i like this line about radiohead:
    " like they’re playing a game we don’t know the rules to"

    i've felt that about radiohead for some time! they seem to be very self-indulgent in everything they've done post-okcomputer. they've lost a lot of fans because of it (myself included)