Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Making of the Just Like Heaven video

Posted about this back on March 7th, but Tim Pope has brought it up again in the last few days, so worth mentioning again. And since he's posted it for free on Vimeo, I guess it's okay to link to the video now. Also check out Tim's website for lots of other great Cure clips. And follow him on Twitter, too.


  1. Amazing how YOUNG Robert was, and I remember seeing them on the KMKMKM tour in '87 and thinking he was OLD from where I could see him on stage, lol. But at 16; 27 or his age back then was OLD!

  2. This!!! this video is sooo funny!!! I never saw it before.

  3. I have seen this. It's kinda sweet when he talked about Mary appearing in the video.

  4. I'm glad he decided to come back to America! It is really odd to see him looking so young when I thought of him as this worldly, wise, old man at the time. He was only 28 and I was 18. Where has the time gone...

  5. wtf. i swear i've seen the video AT LEAST 5 million times and never noticed lol was in it once. NOT ONCE!

  6. "Never tour America again!"

    .."Can i quote you on that?"


    --Robert trying to get his head around being world famous!

  7. i played this with the sound muted ~ couldn't care less about what he was saying... may as well have been: blah, blah, blah...

    yeah, 30mins of unbridled lust reminds me i'm still alive... distractions-distractions (something else to keep me from my work!)