Sunday, July 22, 2012

Close Encounters Milan 2012

 "The day after the show in Milan, after some sightseeing, i was getting back to the hotel to pack and fly to Rome, when i saw the band leaving the hotel. It was the same hotel i was in!!! And i did not notice aything different there before!

So, i caught Robert, thanked him for the amazing concert and asked for a picture. After that, saw another van. Went there and there was the rest of the guys! Thanked again for the concert, took a picture and told Simon i was from Brazil and was going to attend 4 concerts (Milan, Rome, Bilbao and Lisbon). He was so surprised! He even thanked me for what i was doing!!!!

Amazing! Best day ever!!!" (Thanks Luciano)


  1. Wow what a lucky would be a dream come true to me the band

  2. Why does Robert often goes alone? It seems that the rest of the band are much closer with each other

  3. Parabens Luciano!muito bom!!!

  4. Luciano!!!! Congratulations. You deserve this years ago!!! Fantastic Moment. I wish i was you!! I wish I was you!!! see you nest year for cure tour in south america!

  5. I went to these four concerts, got the first row bringing my brazilian flag but I wasn´t that lucky to meet the band...I'm so jealous now :(