Thursday, June 21, 2012

Secret 7" test pressings auction

From @Secret7s - "7 test pressing now in the hands of Robert Smith. Coming soon - info on how they could end up in your hands."

Update (6/7/12): From @Secret7s: "The first of 7 FIIL test pressings in sleeves hand signed and doodled by Robert Smith will go live on the eBay site tomorrow. Every day a new pressings will go live, each for a duration of 7 days. All of the money raised going to . This is the first of the seven that shall go live tomorrow. HUGE thanks to Robert for all his help with the project and these extras. I hope they all find loving homes."
Also, "Yes - all seven done by hand by Robert :)" Nice!

Update (6/10/12): Here's #1 (sold for £1,550), #2 (sold for £1,652.91), #3 (sold for £1,800), #4 (sold for £2,062), #5 (sold for £2,517), #6 (sold for £1,814), #7 (sold for £1,938).

Update (6/21/12): Congratulations to everyone who got one! My unofficial total shows that you raised £13,333.91 (officially £33,365 for the entire campaign) for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Well done!


  1. Thanks for posting!really loking forward to these.

  2. Okay, I can make out Friday!, 2012, and Robert, but what on earth has he written before 2012? Or is that just Robert scribble?

    1. Isn't it the sandcastles from the photograph?

  3. It clearly says " Citizens not subjects"...aha Not a clue!?!

  4. I'm glad he has chosen music...

  5. Wow, nearly a thousand pounds already! I hope these raise tons of money for the Teenage Cancer Trust, even though I haven't a chance in hell of getting one myself :D

  6. Those TP drawings by Robert are getting more and more sparse by the day.......friday's one will be just a man standing on a beach?:)

  7. Did they re-record FIL for this? Sorry, I've been 1/3 paying attention to this. If they did, is this new recording posted yet?

  8. I wonder if the last one will break 5k?