Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Update on the UltraCure changes

This is the answer Rob got from Schecter president Michael Ciravolo about the UltraCure changes: "Since I mainly deal with Robert on his guitars… I thought I could shed some clarity on your new UltraCure.
First,,, with the intro of the UltraCure-VI this year…. Robert wanted the neck to be ‘clear like his old fender-6’ … meaning natural gloss maple. A little difficult since the guitar was a set-neck… so we had the joint taped off and only clear coated… giving the ‘bolt-on’ appearance . He liked this … so in late 2011 we started to transition the standard UltraCure to this also, at his insistence. This seems to be the version you have received from Drum City. Early 2011 models and older had the back of the neck painted to match.
The CURE logo on the back has gone thru a few changes … again, Robert changes his mind a lot J …. In addition to the Disintegration style (on the original versions) … there was small runs with both ‘upper C and lower C’ logos from the band’s early logo. Finally, with the 20 years of WISH coming up … he decided on this logo (for now) …
Other than that, the guitar has remained unchanged …. Except for a run of 6 guitars with a MAPLE fingerboard, as for a fleeting moment, he contemplated this change." (Thanks Rob)


  1. Very cool! So he got one of the new ones!

  2. glad he got such a detailed answer!

  3. Now I kind of want more Ultra Cures. I only have one :(

  4. Thanks Everyone for their comments and support. I am totally happy with my ULTRACURE....I just wish I could play it better :)

  5. Rob, I have Porl's Schecter guitar and I play Christian Praise and Worship music on it...not well either. However, the more you play it, the better you will get. :)