Saturday, February 4, 2012

Help Roger

From Roger on Facebook & Twitter: "A week or so ago either here (on Facebook) or on Twitter somebody mentioned that I had sent them a sample disc for a Prophet 2000 of the string sound I used on Disintegration. I would really like to get a copy of that disc! Ive lost mine... It was by Dr Sounds a company from New York in the 80s.. Thanks!"


  1. Just in regards to the top 45 announcement on Feb 7..
    What time zone is it? UK?? US???

    Good luck all :)

  2. and its needed for?

    hopefully to rehearse tsdway for the summer 2012 dates :D

  3. spreadin the word...

  4. Does anyone have a spare Porl Thompson, like the one used on Disintegation? Robert has lost his copy and won't be able to play Disintegration material properly unless he can remember where he put it.

  5. @Nobody Knows Me
    Wait....You're not eric!