Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Roger's new website

Be sure to check out Roger's excellent new website, designed by Anna Dorfman (). Congratulations to both of you!

Update: This is going to be great! Get a sneak preview of 'Prelude' from Roger & Adam Donen's 'Requiem'. Also check out the first piece of a new series entitled 'Les Kaleidoscopes'.


  1. Hmmm... shouldn't Roger be more busy rehearsing with The Cure and especially, working in studio on new stuff with the band? From where does he take all the time?

  2. Don't know where I can post it, so...

    I've uploaded my multicam project for London RAH here:


  3. Thanks, Max! Can you write up a brief description so I can post it on the front page?

  4. Sure!
    I've edited a multicam dvd9 of the Cure concert @ Royal Albert Hall. The main video is mine (front right as say on cure-concerts) and then I've taken A LOT of youtube videos. All the uploaders (more than 100!!) are mentioned in the txt files in the folder, in the description and credited on the "credits" section on the dvd. For the audio, I've use a Matrix made by pavemalk, originallky posted on DIME. Again, the tapers and pavemalk are mentioned everywhere. Friends who have see it said that it's very good. Hope you enjoy it:)

  5. Maybe Roger could use the same person to resurrect the monstrosity that is thecure.com.. :p