Monday, January 16, 2012

Is this the festival map?

(Update: We have a definitive answer about the map. It's fan made. See here. )

Is this the original version of the map image that Robert posted a few days ago? Or just someone getting creative? Thanks to Matt/TheSmudge for finding it at the Latitude Festival forum. It's originally from So just assuming for the moment that it could be real, can anyone connect these dots to actual festivals?
Obviously the map is unconfirmed and not official in any way. Just something fun to look at and consider for now.

A - Portugal (July 14th Optimus Alive)
B - Spain (July 12th-13th Bilbao BBK)
C - Spain (June 1st Primavera Sound)
D - France (June 29th-July 1st Les Eurockeennes)
E - France (July 20th Festival Vielles Charrues)
F - Netherlands (May 26th Pinkpop Festival)
G - Switzerland?
H - Italy (July 7th Heineken Jammin')
I - Italy (July 9th Rock in Roma)
J - Germany (June 22nd-24th Southside Festival)
K - Denmark (July 5th-8th Roskilde Festival)
L - Sweden (June 14th-16th Hultsfred Festival)
M - Germany (June 22nd-24th Hurricane Festival)
N - Austria (Aug. 18th Frequency Festival)
O - Russia (June 11th Maxidrom)
P - No P on map
Q - England (Aug. 24th & 25th Reading & Leeds Festivals)
R - Ireland (Sept. 1st Electric Picnic)
(Thanks The Smudge, Danny, Moggieboy, John, Perfect.Murder)


  1. If it is, that clearly indicates Latitude festival would be the UK date. I can see them playing that, it suits them much better than Reading/Leeds, though it is only 35,000 capacity.

  2. M is Hurricane
    J is southside.

    There is no letter P?

  3. Do the German dots match the shows already confirmed? I'm having trouble matching them up.

  4. B is Bilbao BBK
    C is Primavera sound

  5. I was just coming on here to say that the german locations match up on the map. Quite excited by the possibility of Latitude. As festivals go, a much better choice!

  6. Sorry Craig you're too fast for me :)

  7. Ireland matches Electric Picnic!

    Cheers John

  8. N could be

    they've already been there in 1998...but festival is not yet confirmed


  9. Ireland matches Electric Picnic!

    Cheers John

  10. Ireland matches Electric Picnic!

    Cheers John

  11. E could be

  12. Hmm, one things for sure, they are not in order, looking at the dates for some of these festivals.

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  14. Yes and it is not the same map that the artwork is based on. On the official Cure one, you can clearly see a green marker with J on it in south-eastern France or northern Italy. This corresponds with the H marker on this map, for Milan.

  15. Hahaha...I think P is on that mysterious island from Lost, so they can't place it on the map. : )

  16. Watch this map have nothing to do with anything. : )

    Oh well, it was fun trying to figure out the locations and brushing up on my geography. : )

  17. that would be funny! One last one then off to bed K Roskidle 5th-8th July? Good night...

  18. Goodnight, JC. Don't dream of maps, green dots and blue lines. : )

  19. Hmm, every date on here still sounds plausible though. Could be a promoter or someone leaking it? Do we know where and when it came from? If it was created before today's announcements then it could be legit, as it has them correctly.

    It's a shame for me if this is right, as I'll be at the Spanish festival of Benicassim during the weekend they play Latitude back in the UK :(

  20. Danny - the map was posted on the latitude festival forum 1 day, 8 hours ago,
    but as Craig said it is originally from, a German site I think.
    Have just translated the word moeglichkeit - possibility.
    Perhaps this is someone in Germany being creative?
    Hope I haven't got anyone hopes up by alerting Craig to this.
    Night all.

  21. P is like Poland, half way from O to Q, which is Heineken Opener Festival near Gdansk :D

  22. Well it's fun to try and guess it all... Just hoping somehow they will play Benicassim, not Primavera, although the marker on the official site does seem to imply it's Primavera, which is higher up on the east coast of Spain.

  23. How is it possible to get this map on an internet site as Robert hasn't confirmed ??! A hacker broke his computer's security system ?
    The dots could, I said could, mean Primavera Sound in Barcelona (Spain - 12,000?), BBK in Bilbao (Spain - 40,000), les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon (France - 4,500) or Vienne (France - 6,500) but I think those two are too small even if they played there in 1998 and it could also be Musilac (Aix-les-Bains - 30,000), Paleo in Nyons (Switzerland - 35,000), Main Square in Arras (France - 40,000), Hurricane in Bremen (Germany - 75,000), Southside in Bodensee (Germany - 55,000), Wechter (Belgium - 70,000), Hustlfred (Sweden - 40,000), Oxegen in Naas (Ireland, 80,000), Optimus Alive in Lisbon (Portugal, 50,000), Rock in IdRho in Milan (Italy - 30,000), Roskilde (Denmark, 70,000). Roma, UK, Austria, and Moscow... no idea.

  24. I think the dodgy festival so far is Lattitude.
    Piecing things together, it seems that they will probably play Bilbao BBK and if they are in that part of the world then they are likely to play Optimus Alive too.
    The problem is, Latitude, Bilbao and Optimus all fall over the same weekend which would mean they'd have to play three festival dates in three different countries over three days, which seems very unlikely to me!
    But who knows, maybe they are going to kill themselves that weekend.

  25. However, Latitude does fall in with the rumour about Reading and Leeds as its organised by the same promotors.

    But still, I can't see three festivals in three days. They won't play on the 12th at Latitude as its a thursday which is mostly a 'get set up' day for UK festivals.

  26. Until this day I was not aware of any major Russian summer festivals. I made some search and the only event that fits the Russian dot is probably on July 21st. But it's a one-day event and wiki says they got Bjork already... Anyway good for them - it will be the first Cure gig in Russia. But I am still hoping for Poland to be announced :)

  27. there's still that rumour about pinkpop in the netherlands... could be F...

  28. Remember, nothing is official until it is posted on! Never make travel plans on rumors alone... :D

  29. Some of us have learned that the hard way heheh....

  30. I would seriously doubt anyone is foolish enough to make any plans based on this, which is most likely a fan created image, based partially on guesses. I think the majority of fans are smart enough to get that.

  31. In Rome there is the "Rock in Roma" festival in June/July... Is it possible?

  32. Fan created image ? Why did you post it, then, tricky boy ? I think there's a good chance that some not to say all of the dots are credible... But Craig, you have the answer, don't you ?

  33. P must be outside of Europe, hence that Australian festival...

  34. N in austria could be forestglade.

    but at the forestglade-forum they write, that forestglade istn´t planed this year. but maybe a good headline would change their decision.

    from the location it could be

    its they same festival-manager.

  35. I agree with Craig, I think he took the Europe map from the internet to get the idea of 'travelling', with the lines and dots, but that doesn't mean that's were they really are going to play.
    That said, I've always wanted to go visit Moscow.

  36. G)...ok could be paléo in Nyon...but they just played 3 years could be great if it will be Montreux jazz festival!! more expensive but the sound is great!!

  37. @frantik74: the cure did not play in nyon 3 years ago. they played there 10 years ago.

  38. holy time flies away!! shit...anyway i remember as it was yesterday! sorry folks! anyway i prefere Montreux jazz then paleo!

  39. We finally have a definitive answer about our mystery map. : )

    "I was quite amused to find my map of The Cure's festival tour 2012 on your blog.. ;)

    As you supposed a few times correctly, that map was just a try (!) from my side to find out the possible spots of The Cure's tour..

    You can find the whole development of this on Facebook:

    There, you have a posting of me from 15th of January 15:28 with the map that you've posted, too. I translate what I wrote there:
    "that's the way it could look possibly.. (focus was on connecting cities, the running order is not quite in time..)"

    Then the possible spots (from my point of view):
    A: Optimus Alive, Oeiras (Portugal)
    B: Bilbao BBK Live, Bilbao (Spanien
    C: Primavera Sound, Barcelona (Spanien)
    D: Nuits de Fourvière, Lyon (Frankreich)
    E: Main Square, Arras (Frankreich)
    F: Rock Werchter, Werchter (Belgien)
    G: Paléo Festival, Nyon (Schweiz)
    H: something in Mailand (Italien)
    I: Rock in Roma (Italien)
    J: Southside, Neuhausen ob Eck (Deutschland)
    K: Roskilde Festival (Dänemark)
    L: Hultsfred Festival (Schweden)
    M: Hurricane, Scheessel (Deutschland)
    N: something in Wiesen (z.B. Forestglade)
    O: something in Moskau
    Q: Latitude Festival, Suffolk (England)
    R: Electric Picnic, Stradbally (Irland)

    further post:
    "if you distort it (like the original), you can note that the scandinavian, italian, spanish and british part could well be correct"..
    -> I played around with several filters on Photoshop to find out if my map could be similar to that one on (->

    Sorry for the excitement about this whole thing and good luck with your blog furthermore.. ;)

    Best regards from Switzerland,

  40. Latitude now doesn't fit. They are playing Optimus Alice on July 14th, and Latitude is the 13th, 14th and 15th of July. Surely there is no way on earth that they could get their kit from the middle of the East Anglian countryside to Portugal in a few hours overnight?!

    However, maybe they'll play Benicassim, as that is the other festival on that weekend and it's only in Spain, which would be do-able. Optimus and Benicassim are already sharing Florence and The Stone Roses this year!

  41. Primavera has been confirmed now so I'm told. The Map is turning out to be pretty accurate

  42. Where's P? Oh there it is, running down my leg! ^^

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