Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TM "over the ticket limit" notices going out

"Not a problem for me but it’s a bit spooky how they managed to find out that two different credit cards tied to two separate billing addresses belong to the same guy."

From: Notification [mailto:Notification@Ticketmaster.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2011 11:21

Attention ticket holder!

The total number of tickets you have ordered for the below event exceeds the limit of 2 tickets, as posted on ticketmaster.com

To see which of your order(s) were cancelled, visit Ticketmaster.com and sign into your account to view your order history at: https://www.ticketmaster.com/member/order_history
(Thanks Olivier)

Update: "I just checked my account and I was able to print the tickets that I purchased, finally!" (Thanks Heron)


  1. I hope some tickets get released again as a consequence of this. I could really use a pair for Monday night at a decent price and not $400 on StubHub.

  2. Pretty sure there will be. Just going to be a matter of checking at just the right time. Good luck, Andy!

  3. On a related note, I just checked my account and I was able to print the tickets that I purchased, finally!

  4. That's great news, Heron! I know that will be a relief to a number of fans who were waiting on the ability to be able to do that.

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  6. My ticket came in today for the 23rd came in today!

  7. Ticketmaster has given me no notification one way or the other regarding my ticket. Any idea when I'm going to get it?

  8. This is so ridiculous. I understand cancelling orders of an excessive amount of tickets, but targeting someone trying to go 2 nights (like myself) is ridiculous. So far I haven't received any notifications nor charge reversals, but I'm bracing for it. There are currently over 1,000 tix available for NYC on StubHub, for way more than face value. These are the people that should be targeted - not us.

    I haven't received mine yet, but if I do does that mean I'm "safe," or can they still cancel them?

  9. They can/will cancel without an email. Best way to check is to review "MyTicketmaster" on their website for the accounts you bought tickets with. It will clearly show "cancelled".
    My understanding is they will keep only the 1st order you placed.

  10. TICKETMASTER - my tickets have printed and are in the mall!!! SO THANKFUL... and I see that there is OVER 2100 Tickets on StubHub (as of 9am) for the CURE for 6 shows! A zillion 8% - 15% per show! What the heck? Looks like the Brokers did get a quarter of the tickets. I see that other bands at these venues have a much smaller quantities on hand and the price per tickets is soooooooooooooo much less... hmm I bet things are really going to change the next few days..... I hope everyone can get tickets from other fans first. GOOD LUCK I hope that every seat will be filled at show time...... I am so thankful that COF is helping fans sell tickets at cost... :) - Cure fans are so generous.....

  11. Ticketmaster lists my ticket as having been printed and mailed via UPS, but UPS doesn't have any info. I just called Ticketmaster to find out why, and it's because the ticket was printed and mailed just today.

  12. Whoever asked if I was going to a show, yes I am. BUT I want to take my friend and she doesn't want to sit alone. So on Monday, I've sold my ticket and I'm going to be paying a scalper for a pair together.

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