Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cure Bestival poster

Update (11/12): What is said to be the final poster for sale, has now been listed on ebay.

The artist has a 2nd printing available, limited to 50 prints. (Thanks John)

From Matt (the artist) on Facebook: "Hang tight Cure Fans ive stopped the orders so I can catch up on the other orders. I will re list them ill give you a day and a time but they are on a first come first served basis. Ta! mattx".
Also, looks like Robert wants one, too - "Robert Smith wants one of my posters... I am star struck in an email" (Thanks Antti)

Limited edition (100 printed) Cure Bestival poster announced. (Thanks to Lovecat @


  1. Amazing, great work. Getting me excited!

  2. The poster looks like it was designed just for Chain of Flowers!

  3. ordered one! i'm so happy because i missed the posters at bestival!

  4. oh, there's actually one left. few minutes ago it said sold.

  5. I think he's doing them in batches of ten or so, I bought one when it said 6 left, and watched it go to 3. I looked now and it was back to 6.

  6. love it, but $48? sorry, no way! :/

  7. I was so pissed to miss this first go around.

    This is stellar news.

  8. from rabbit portal fb: "Robert Smith wants one of my posters... I am star struck in an email"

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