Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Peel Session 1981 on BBC 6 Music

"BBC 6 Music will be broadcasting The Cure’s Peel session from January 1981 on Wednesday, 5 October at 4AM. So it should include The Holy Hour, Forever, All Cats Are Grey and Primary.
(Thanks Andy/artwwweb)

Update: Listen now (Cure starts at 29:49).


  1. Excellent, will listen out for this. Hopefully the BBC Box will come out sometime soon... I have the 'Head on the Door' Peel session on tape and it's very good.

  2. Isn't the next set of re-issues supposed to include BBC / Peel Sessions?

  3. Very good, I like the fact that Cure Peel sessions are always pretty different from the album or single versions.

  4. I'm really liking that faster version of 'All Cats Are Grey'!

  5. You gotta love that Robert didn't take any effort whatsoever back then to remember the original lyrics. He just mumbles his way through these songs.

    "Yellow... such a happy colour" indeed.

  6. That was great. I'd heard the first track before on a bad cassette; lovely to hear it clearly!

    It sounded to me like the Primary lyrics were unfinished - perhaps this was recorded before the Faith album?

  7. Here's the full 15 minutes in handy mp3 format. I've edited out the jingle between the last two tracks and added an image I found off an old bootleg of said session. My g/f actually prefers these lyrics to Primary and sang them over the regular ones at Bestival recently...

    PS - any UK folks should check out the dude on Pointless today who was in a band who supported The Cure (about 3 mins in):

    Band's website (they feature a 'Porl'):

  8. On impression of sounds website it has the lyrics to the different earlly primary... It says they improvised it alot at gigs before it was finally recorded.