Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Robert talks with NME

"Probably worth noting that in the reviews section of the new issue of NME, Louis Pattison mentions that he's had a recent telephone interview with RS. This may appear in next weeks edition prior to Bestival." (Thanks John)

Update: Actually, it won't be for NME. Just asked Louis about this on Twitter and here's his reply:
- It'll be in the Guardian Guide, before Bestival. Not written it yet!


  1. I hope that we will get more & specific info about the supposed New Album & the future releases (Reflection DVD, Wish & co remasters, the return of Roger...porl???...)

  2. The fact that RSX is agreeing to do some interviews tells me that something is in the air..

  3. per page 39 current issue (27 Aug 11) - in the weekly reviews section, Louis Pattison, saying that "this week, I interviewed John Cooper Clarke and Robert Smith. Both were on the phone, though, so I couldn't compare the majesty of their haircuts"

  4. Thank you, John. I scoured their various Twitter accounts and website, and couldn't find it. Should have known it was in the actual issue. : )

  5. hasn't written it yet? - COF cannot wait! - bless 'im

  6. Why is everyone saying Porl isn't in the band now? Did I miss something?

  7. The 4 year cycle is about coming due, in reality it's only been 3 years since 4:13 Dream. We already got a big show this year in Sydney, and now Bestival will kick off the next Cure era.

    My speculation:

    - Some type of album release in late 2012. Possibly a hybrid of new stuff & the dark album leftovers. When RS starts talking about a new album, that means its usually a year away from release at least. Possibly Spring 2013 is a better bet.

    - Summer 2012 tour, albeit limited to Euro festivals, and a short US tour. Maybe.

    That's my bet. This may be the last 4 year cycle run, who knows. RS isn't getting any younger. Although Debbie Harry is out there with Blondie and she's 66.

    We may start to see 5 - 6 year cycles. Who knows.

    I remember back in the 80's, waiting 1 year for a new Cure record and tour was forever, lol. The wait from 'Head' to KMKMKM was 2 years, and it was LONG! lol.