Thursday, May 5, 2011

Statement from Roger

Excerpt from Roger's 99X/10 newsletter: "Many times over the last few years I wondered and have often been asked "would you play again with The Cure" .. There were times I was sad and some times bitter and said stupid things. When you love somebody/something as much as I have loved The Cure those times will always of course be difficult, breaking up is awful. My love for the band and the music always said yes to the answer though. The last thing Robert and I said on that phone call in 2005 was "never say never"... "

Welcome back, Roger! Hope you enjoy it more than ever before!


  1. Yes, I've had an Italian beer and
    split a bottle of wine
    but I am brought to tears
    at the idea
    of seeing Roger with The Cure again!

  2. Osama killed... Lol and Roger back... yes, 2012 is coming.

  3. Precious. Welcome back Roger!

  4. This makes me happy - Love seeing Roger behind the keys when the Cure play, it just seems right.

  5. lol in facebook

    thank you everyone for your kind words! Yes I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and playing these wonderful songs in such a beautiful place! Truth is truly stranger than Fiction!

  6. I know this may seem like a million miles away but is there any chance of Roger playing at Bestival?

    If I don't make it to Australia I just love the idea that the last time I saw Roger he was playing to 50 people in a South London pub, next time I see him he is playing to thousands haha

  7. I'm dying here! This is beyond wonderful!

  8. Even Roger doesn't know that answer. And believe me, I've asked. : )

    Maybe Robert wants to see how things go at these shows and then go from there. If they don't play the whole set, maybe Roger and Lol can do a guest spot for the encores?

  9. Thanks Craig, you've been brilliant over the last few weeks. We all know you've been dying to spill the beans as much as you have wanted for us to experience the suprises ourselves as the offical annoucements slowly drip out. A very heartfelt thank you is very much in order... So Thank You

    We all know the set at Bestival is going to have to please a mass audience, so who knows who The Cure will be at that point. Hopefully Roger will enjoy his time in Australia :)

  10. Thank you much for those very kind words, Andrew. I hope it was fun for everyone, and not too annoying.

    When I posted that Always Keep The Faith hint, I honestly thought the announcement was no more than 24-48 hours away, so it would just be some fun for all of us, something to get excited about and speculate on.

    Never thought it would drag out this long. Sorry to anyone who felt tortured or aggravated by it.

    Whatever you get at Bestival, it should be great. You are getting 2 and a half hours, so surely a good mix of old/new, light/dark.

  11. The clues and announcement were handled perfectly. got everyones ears to the wall and then waiting a week was just the right amount of time.

    So glad roger agreed to do this! Can't wait for the DVD!

  12. Aw what a sweet statement :) I'll be psyched to hear all about this awesome event! :)

  13. AndrewV127, I second that emotion.

    I was getting out of bed in the middle of the night to check this website to see if here were any updates the last few days. As we have a young baby that wasn't too difficult.

    Well done Craig and a big Thank You from Oregon.

  14. Thank you so much, Twilight and Ronan.

  15. good read. nice to hear from roger.

  16. When I Think of the Cure I think of these three, Robert, Simon, Roger. And I think of Porl as a wonderful "guest" who turns up to add his flavor.
    And when I think of early cure of course Lol and his stone face drumming.

    Roger to me is The keybordist of the cure and I hope Robert asks him to stay for the next lp/tour etc.