Monday, May 2, 2011


- We can't confirm or deny the rumour about The Cure but we can share their music

Update: Music Feeds reports that Vivid artist Azari & III have posted that The Cure are playing, and The Music Network has a report on the VividSydney tweet. (Thanks Joel)


  1. And here we go...very exciting week ahead. : )

  2. Hahaha why post at all if you can't deny it. ;)

  3. O’ ROB!


  4. But Lovecats isn't even an album track! If they are indeed playing album(s) in full?
    I was expecting link to go to a Faith or Disintegration track ;)

  5. ohhhhhhh :D now I know I have it bad cause I got excited about you calling it 'secrets'!

    Craig, i am so very very excited for whatever's happening soon :D

  6. AAAGH!!! I'm so tense about something which hasn't even happened yet! It literally feels like the suspense is killing me!

  7. The event:
    Cure "Trilogy 2"
    Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
    The venue:
    Sydney, The Domain
    Am I close???

  8. OK back up a second. Who said they were (are) going to be playing full albums?!?

  9. Vivid festival in Sydney is well know for its artists to play albums in full ;)

  10. Yeah, Spiritualized are doing a full album at Vivid this year.

  11. "Craig said...
    All a coincidence. But maybe I should post an Andy Anderson photo next. : )

    April 25, 2011 3:12 AM"

    Anything to tell us about Andy Craig? ;)

  12. *sigh* I wish it would just be announced! This lack of sleep is killing me :(

  13. More blind speculation...

    1 "Dark Night" of Seventeen Seconds, Faith and Pornography.

    1 "Pop Night" of Japanese Whispers/The Top, Head on the Door and Kiss Me... with some original members for each night?

    Probably 10,000 miles away from the truth. But speculative nonsense can be fun!

  14. I would LOVE if they did a dark trilogy (Seventeen Seconds, Faith, Pornography) night. I think I'd enjoy that even more than the original Trilogy. The pop trio one not so much, but if they're coming and I get tickets, I'm not going to complain! :)

  15. More speculative nonsense...

    Playing "Join The Dots" in reverse chronological order :)

    If it is indeed over 2 nights, it may possibly be the same show. Me thinks they will be recording this, so like the Trilogy shows, they need 2 nights to allow for mistakes etc.

    Anyway... Geez, just announce the damn thing... what they are doing and who will be doing it is the big one!

  16. Ill be in Sydney that week for other reasons...this is all too bizarre...


  17. Concerts of old songs are great, and I'll certainly take it, but for me there's not much to get excited about unless we... (in order of importance):
    a) get new songs
    b) get Boris back
    c) get Roger back
    d) get the Fender guitars back
    e) lose the pre-recorded effects

    I know I'm in the minority here.

  18. if they EVER did a join the dots tour i would fly anywhere and do anything to be there. ANYTHING.

  19. any news would (will) be great. but.. as long as we are wishing and dreaming I would go for a sequel to trilogy.
    and since they played Pornography on the last trilogy mine would include:
    -Faith, -Seventeen seconds and the second half of 4:13 dream. -the "dark" half.

    Original line up. Original equipment.

    with world tour plans on the heels of the new "dark" album. emphasis on playing songs from both trilogy's.

    or, the long awaited robert smith, rebecca black, justin bieber reality dance show.

  20. ...unless i'm in america and the uploader has not made this video available in my country.

  21. I was kidding on the "Join The Dots" gag, by the way!!! ;)

    Geez, I hope and I'm sure Jason Cooper has a thick skin. And that he pays no attention to the constant "Bring back Boris" calls that constantly surface.

    Boris was/is great - no question. He was a key player during the band's most successful period, and his inventive playing certainly heightened many songs. And, at other times, his playing was very straight forward.

    Listn to some of Jason's finer moments (Out of This World, Bloodflowers, Labyrinth)and ask yourself "would boris have played this any different?" Maybe/maye not.

    Jason has been the band's longest serving drummer, and is an excellent musician. Doesn't he do some soundtrack work too? Hats off to anyone that can consistenly pull off 3 hour shows on long tours. Show him some support!!!

    Now... bring on this much awaited news!

  22. unbelievable!! I still just cant believe it...un-f-believable...

  23. I'm so freaking excited for this, although I wish there was more of a buildup before the show like there was '07.
    I've been reading this blog for a few years now but don't really know any other Cure fans, so if this does happen and we could get a group together before the show that'd be pretty amazing, i think.

    I'm so worried about all you Americans coming over and stealing our precious tickets...

  24. I’m Victorian by heart! ;) Ask any of my Aussie friends!

    I know heaps of Aussie fans, I’m sure we could meet up with you, Cure fans are ALWAYS a bonus!

  25. Fuji
    are you out there, can you get me a ticket???


  26. It will be announced 10.15 Saturday night...

  27. Hmmm, the only gap to fit a gig in Vivid at the great hall is a single night on 31 May. That venue can only hold 2500 (minus the industry and corporate comps)

    More.than a few will miss out I'm afraid.

  28. Let me see, the biggest venue at the Opera House fits 2500 (minus the industry and corporate comps) plus there is only one free night that I can see.

    A lot if people will miss out.

  29. G'day Alastair, im not even sure its happening and if it is i'm not even sure how I am gonna get a ticket let alone multiples for friends.

  30. the Sydney opera house concert hall apparently seats about 2600, Do you think if this ends up happening they'd do more than one show? Or do they have a hall that fits more?

  31. Its true. The Cure have been confirmed.

  32. to be honest: if the cure get together for this amazing show in australia and bring along in some old friends this is nice but not such a big thing for most of the cure fans world wide - in my opinion. who of us has time and can afford a flight to australia and attend the show. if craig announced something great i was more hoping that the cure will bring out a new album for all of us;-) but anyway, nice that there is something in the pipe. it's the first time i wish the mix up between austria and australia would come true;-)

  33. WallyD: June 1st is also open. Tame Impala are playing the Opera Theatre, not the Concert Hall.

  34. Hahahaha....Roger has a couple of new tweets this morning. Think he's just dying to say something? : )

    rogerodonnell - Alright thats it, Im off out to buy some new black clothes... Sadly no Helmut Lang!....

    ....and a new tambourine....

  35. This is all well and good, but wouldn't it be nice if the cure, should an album be played in entirety, toured a number of world wide venues rather than a couple of dates on the other side of the globe?!

    Spiritualized have sucessfully toured with LAGWAFIS, Pixies/Doolittle, Echo & the Bunnymen/Ocean Rain etc - why does one of the worlds greatest bands not take the opportunity to sell out a load of album themed shows?

    Can't wait to hear the news, what ever it is, but c'mon, there are heaps of us wanting to see the cure live again...

  36. @ John- It could just be the event that starts something like a tour. We can hope!

    I'm having a small amount of fun just watching other fans who might attend get excited.

    A tour would be amazing for everyone. An album, too! But I'll take reading the reviews of people who could attend and enjoying the communal sense of excitement.

    Generally, when Cure fans are happy, I'm happy too... must be Midichlorians or something.

  37. Faith runs less than 40 min so would have to be bigger than just that. I wonder if they will dust off the carnage visors film, too?

    Caught the SPZ ladies & gentleman show @ radio city last year. Definitely a must see.

  38. Yes, saw LAGWAFIS at the Sage, Gateshead - mind blowing, better than their Albert Hall gig in the 90s! coming up E&TB in September for Ocean Rain... can't wait!

  39. John, where are Echo doing Ocean Rain in Sept? I know their current tour leg is to do the 1st two albums. Saw their Ocean Rain show at Radio City Music Hall (and also the Spiritualized LAGWAFIS there) and for some reason thought they'd retired doing that one in full. But it was fantastic!

  40. Yeah, I heard the Sage gig was the best of the bunch. Have booked tix for the Oct RAH show. If these two bands could ever connect on the same bill I'd die & go to heaven.

  41. I'll be at the York Ocean Rain show - its part of a small UK tour in September

  42. yo craig,
    tell robert to do something at ACL. thanks. lol

  43. Bah, the suspense. As it's quite a long festival, am keen to know one way or another so the flights can be booked etc. presuming tickets can be obtained. That said, am heading to the UK (great timing) on the 29th, so might end up in the wrong hemisphere if it's not on the first couple of days.