Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cure fan meet up & birthday plans

Simon/Friends & Family of Simon, stop reading now. : )

From Heron: "There's another CoF/Cure meetup at the Opera Bar again today starting at 4:30 pm. I have another banner blank that will say Happy Birthday Simon. Cure fans are welcome
to stop by and sign it - it will be given to him after the show."

And from Junko: "Please join in singing Happy Birthday to Simon. Start singing the moment Simon steps back on stage at the 1st encore! The more who join in, the better chance we'll all be heard!"

Show him the love, guys. He, and every one of them, deserves it!


  1. Sounds good! Hopefully you guys are still there at around 630 when I get there, I'd love to sign it...

    If anyone's wondering about camera policy and things like that, we were using an SLR camera all night, no flash and so no one seemed to mind. Everyone around us were taking photos/videos. I think I managed some good shots, will post later maybe

  2. so awesome!!! i hope he hear everyone singing to him, how sweet! :)

  3. Mmm.. Security was tame I have to say..

    Some people 'accidently' found their way to the front.. :p

  4. Hahaha...accidentally, huh? : )

    How was it up front? Good view or did the cameras block the view?

  5. Hope this goes as planned, it will be cool to see it on the DVD. Can't be there but I'll still be wishing a Happy Birthday to Simon when this happens!

  6. see you soon! i'm just waiting for the rain to stop and then i'll head down to soh.

  7. Is it still raining there? Has it ever stopped? : )

  8. Hmmm... funnily enough Sydney has had awesome weather for the last few weeks... rain has only set in since the weekend...
    Am SO EXCITED about tonight...

  9. That's a shame that it has rained so much during the festival. Hope everyone has still been able to enjoy Sydney.

    Have a great time at the show tonight!

  10. Just a note on the Simon banner, tons of people signed it and it was given to Simon that same night!