Monday, February 14, 2011

Roger on new Secrets For September song

Check out 'Upside Down' from Secrets For September (@) with special guest Roger O'Donnell (@) on Moog Synth. (Thanks Matthew)

Update: Matthew talks about the recording of this track, on his blog.


  1. Give the track a listen. This is exactly why Robert should have not sacked Roger.What an amazing talent.

  2. Download the new The 17 Seconds Ep.. If you want to check out some new music.. while your waiting for a new cure album / Ps. Roger is amazing..

  3. Robert should call Roger with an invite back in ASAP! His talent is amazing as shown with this song.

  4. Robert will not invite him back, and Roger would not come back anyway. Stop dreaming.

    What's that '17 seconds' ep?

  5. You can read Roberts' mind? How are you so sure he wont invite Roger back? Roger would come back in a second I bet.