Friday, December 3, 2010

Songwords (Expanded) for iPad

"I purchased an iPad many months ago and have loved reading books on it, I figured it would be great to make an ePub of Cure lyrics, so I developed the attached ePub that I've dubbed Songwords (Expanded)." (Thanks Nick)


  1. Great!!! Thanks a lot!

  2. Unrelated... If you wanted to play Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock/ The Cure Fascination Street in it, but did not want to shell out $180 for the whole kit(drums, mic, guitar, and game),try this.

    @ a Toys R Us in store I bought Epic Mickey for $49.99 and then The GH set for $180, they have a deal for % off today only. My total price out the door $64.60!... GH only cost me $10 for the whole kit! I was buying EPM anyway for a Xmas gift. I could not pass this deal up!

    This should work with any game advertised buy one get % off another. There is a list of games at the store.

  3. My wife informed me it is a glitch in the Toys R Us system. Not sure it still is working still. But I found out the employees caught on and they are buying the games up.