Thursday, December 16, 2010

More 'Not In Love' mixes

Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – Not In Love (GVNR Mix)
Crystal Castles & Robert Smith – Not In Love (Amazing Love Mix)
(Thanks Lars)


  1. LOL...i just found them minutes ago and i was going to post the info here and when i looked in here you´ve already shared the mixes.


    Any news about the 2011 CURE shows or band´s status, Craig ?

    Seems the "flux" is in progress...

  2. the first one is bland and just an added beat to it. the 2nd one introduces the music a little differently and has a electro breakdown in the middle. i recommend the 2nd.

  3. Here's another mix of Not In Love, with a little added guitar

  4. Thanks for the links!!! I like the version from "A Heart Is A Spade"...really nice...