Friday, December 17, 2010

Cure covers

The Death Set covers 'Grinding Halt'.
Philippe Prohom covers 'A Forest'.
Sorry AnGel covers 'Just Like Heaven'.
Diane Birch covers 'Primary' (and other "goth classics").
(Thanks Danny, Max, AndytheCurefan, David, Fred, Roger, Lars)


  1. my 2 cents:

    just like heaven= music is lazy, vocals are nice
    primary=ok, but trying too hard...
    version of bring on the dansing horses much better

  2. I am sick of all the covers of JLH as it is but that was really poor. Very lazy indeed. Not even an attempt at the Piano solo.The boring guitar tone was cack as well. The a Forest wasn't too bad however. A different take on it at least.

  3. the only one i can stand is the Death Set cover.

  4. Not a fan of Diane Birch's 'covers' album at all! She managed to make really great songs mind-numbingly boring and ordinary. I just don't get it.

  5. Not a great fan of this bunch of covers, personnally...

    Still missing so much a "real" 'curespotting' section Craig, here are nonetheless a few interesting ones you may not know about (sorry if they were previously reported):
    - Nicolas Comment, french singer, is said to have 'Cure influences'.
    - a comic book with cure ref on the cover (I ordrered it for Xmas so can't tell you what it's like inside)
    - 3 dvd set of french tv live rock program archives 'Chorus', containing Cure live at Théâtre de l'Empire, Paris, performing "A Forest", "Three imaginary boys" et "Killing an arab".
    here's a link to download

  6. official and legal links of course...

  7. why do cure covers that are released tend to usually be sooo bad?

  8. Adele covers Lovesong: