Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No Disintegration in Portugal?

Update: Universal Portugal now says it will be out in August, but only on CD, no vinyl. (Thanks to Smitha@Cureconnections)

"The Disintegration remaster is not on sale in Portuguese stores yet. if you go to a fnac store, which are the main stores around here, there are none selling. and if you go to the site there is no word about it on the new releases." (Thanks Paulo)


  1. That's so terrible!! Why are they preventing fans there from getting it?? eeevil...

  2. UMG has been bad news from day 1

  3. It´s terrible! Really -.-
    I´m from Portugal and you can be sure, i´m pissed with this situation.
    Looks like The Cure is considered some kind of 3rd category band here (of course they´re not)
    I´m sorry but that´s the truth.

  4. They say The Cure don't sell (enough) in Portugal.

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  6. When i say "they" i mean Universal.