Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rhino Disintegration poster & contest

Thanks to Nikki @ Rhino, we will be giving away 3 Disintegration Deluxe prize packs, each containing the 3 CD set, the 3x3x3 sampler, and the promo poster you see here. Details on the contest are coming soon, just need to check with Rhino about a couple of things.


  1. oh maybe this contest too will be over on the 30th, and I'll get it it for my birthday!

  2. "3xCDs" means three compact discs, "2 LPs" means two long-playing vinyl records. I realize that the remaster will be available in a single disc version, but I'm having trouble figuring out what "DD" means. DualDisc?

  3. Thanks Craig. Apparently for me, "DD" = Dumb Dinosaur. I forget that not everyone is as attached to physical media as I am!