Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dave Allen on BBC 6 Music

Update 3: Listen to it on iPlayer (starts at 1:08:42) or download it here and here. (Thanks Aaron, Marc70, Marcin and David)

Update 2: IGA has posted about this at the official site.

This should be interesting, as Dave and Robert have very different memories about who saved the lyrics in the fire. : ) And while Andrew says he doubts RS will call in, "The fire will be mentioned. And the acid."

"Dave Allen who produced Disintegration will be speaking live with Andrew Collins on BBC 6 Music this Wednesday 19th May at 2pm. If you have any questions about the making of the album for Dave you can email them to andrew.6music@bbc.co.uk."
(Thanks Sarah and Andrew)


  1. Yay that's great news as it'll be on the BBC iPlayer afterwards.

  2. Site says "18th May - Cure producer Dave Allen"

  3. As usual, I continued my pursuit of geekery by asking about the console and outboard gear used to make Disintegration. I AM A NERD ;)

  4. Everyone ask him why the feck he isn't producing the Dark Album!!

  5. Marc70: Just got confirmation from Andrew Collins that Dave will be on Wednesday the 19th.

  6. Why Dave and Robert stoped working together? Thats for me THE question.

  7. These are the questions I sent:
    1) Which song took the most effort?

    2) Which took the least?

    3) Which song was the first hint that this would become a legendary album?

    4) Which is your personal favorite?

    5) Was there any of the b-sides for the Disintegration singles or any other non-album song (available now on Disc 2 of the Deluxe Edition and online at http://thecuredisintegration.com) that you were disappointed to not see on the final album?

    6) Did you have any discussion with any member of the band regarding Lol's eminent departure prior to the actual exit?

    7) Were you ever approached with the idea of producing another Cure album after Wish?

    8) Would you consider working with The Cure on another album?

    9) Would you PLEASE consider working with The Cure on another album?

  8. im so happy i could cry! we rarely ever hear from him

    LOL at the last question marc

  9. Great questions, Marc70. I definitely think Cure albums have been lacking in the production department since wish, though admittedly that''s such a lush, layered record that i understand in a sense why robert scaled things down afterwards.

    anyway i'd be genuinely excited if dave allen came back to work with the cure. mike hedges could be nice too, even flood (i believe he has a minor credit on seventeen seconds).

    dream producers: Stephen street, robin guthrie...maybe john leckie if he's still working...

  10. Dear Craig - A minor spotting:



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  14. The "fire" that broke out at the studio during the recording of the album. Robert's version of the story appears in the Disintegration booklet.

  15. Thanks for uploading and posting, folks!

  16. this was the question (whole email) i sent & they touched on it, but didn't exactly answer it.

    Who decided which 2 tracks (Last Dance & Homesick) got left off the vinyl version of Disintegration?
    Having seen The Cure at the NEC Birmingham & Wembley on the Prayer Tour and then in Berlin where they did the whole album a few years ago – I can only say it’s the finest record ever made.
    Ben Nelson

  17. I only wish it had been longer, like the 3 podcasts Andy Partridge of XTC shared last year documenting his discussion with John Leckie.