Thursday, March 18, 2010

Close To Me cover in Nivea ad

Kaki King's cover of 'Close To Me' is being used in a UK Nivea ad. (Thanks Vicky and Joanne)


  1. Kaki is definitely an apt name.

  2. Wow, I'd seen this ad before and totally failed to notice the music. Actually I pretty much failed to notice the rest of it too. I had no idea I glazed over so much during ad breaks. Go me.

  3. Don't let the Chipmunks near it:

  4. Waw, discovered the new Kaki King album in the shops today.

    Went on her site and read this !! :

    Longtime fans may be surprised to hear a different side of King with the dance rock of “Spit It Back In My Mouth.” “I really wanted that to be my Cure song,” she says. “Like how the Cure would write these really happy, jangly songs and the lyrics would be utterly depressing. When I came up with that little groove, I thought this is way too happy, so I changed it to make people depressed.”

    Me Happy