Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chris Parry update

Update 2: Stuff has an interview with Chris in two parts. Part one is about the Fourmyula reunion, while part two is about working with Robert & The Cure. (Thanks to Monghi @

The New Zealand Herald has an article about Chris.
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Wondering what Chris Parry has been up to lately?
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  1. I asked myself yesterday about Parry.
    Thanks Craig, your blog is the best Cure source ever!
    But had you heard anything about Perry?

  2. Thank you, Lindsae. Yes, Perry got married recently, and seems to be happy and healthy, and living a good life. There will be some more Perry news very soon, which should make his fans very happy.

  3. He's not, is he?!??
    Sucker if he is.. :p

  4. Cross-post:

    Dear Craig:

    Another spotting of Chris Parry:

  5. Notice this!!!

    The relationship with Robert Smith is a bit different these days, though Parry says they have kept in touch. "To be honest I think he's a bit f**ked off with me, from when I sold Fiction. I offered him out of his contract, no hassles, but Robert is not a man who doesn't like change. At all. I was offered to be interviewed for a 30th anniversary documentary for something to do with the band but when I found out that he was the executive producer I said no, because I figured he'd just edit out anything in there that he didn't like. And, I dunno, that probably got back to him..."

    DVD was being made eh

  6. Yeah, Robert mentioned that dvd a while ago. Wonder if anything ever came of it, and if so, when it will ever be released? 35th anniversary? 40th?

  7. Robert said in an interview that Tim Pope was directing it. I hope it hasn't been shelved, unless pretty much everyone is doing a Chris and not wanting to be interviewed.

  8. I was just wondering if Lol Tolhurst and Roger O'donnell had not been in the Cure, would you listen to their current projects have never hearing of them? I notice with any "Fan", most will listen to whatever is put out, I have been guilty of the same.I personally think that if we had never heard of them, we probably would not be too impressed, Roger O"donnell is a great keyboard player, but his solo efforts all seem the same, tempo, style, sound, etc... I am just curious

  9. E N T R E A T, i feel the same. personally, i'm happy to give the songs a listen, and if roger had happened to have a show somewhere near me i probably would have gone, but i don't buy the albums because personally, i'm a cure fan before i'm a roger o'donnell fan or a levinhurst fan. that's not to say that they don't have plenty of talent - but it is cure music that i love.

    if robert ever did put that solo album out, of course i'd buy it - but that is different, since robert is undeniably the main force driving the cure.

  10. Sure, I'd listen to Lol's efforts. I've liked his post-Cure work. Most of Roger's stuff doesn't really do much for me, but his latest stuff sounds promising. Do you think that Roger will ever get on the mic? ;)

  11. Oh, and if notdeadyet is reading the latest posts, I'm sorry that I haven't posted those early Levinhurst tracks yet. I got caught up in doing stuff, and I forgot. :( I'll put them online right away if you still want them.

  12. Shawn: You'll hear Roger singing on his "Don't call it goth!" project, Unterbrucke, which should be out later this year, if "mystery drummer" ever records his parts. : )

  13. Would "mystery drummer" happen to be Andy or Boris?