Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inbetween Days cover in iPad video

"Just started watching the promotional video about new Apple iPad and at 01:15, there's a piano interpretation (by Ben Folds) of Inbetween Days in the background." (Thanks Theresa, James, Jason, Goshmac, Bryan, JP, and Chrissy)


  1. It sounds like it is the version by a guy named Ben Folds. I have it somewhere.

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  4. i mean i like mac and everything but i do not understand all the hype over this thing. i don't think there's a need for something "in between a smartphone and a laptop" or whatever they said.

    (although roger seems to be VERY excited on his twitter, not surprisingly)

  5. The Apple Tablet has been in development for what seems like a lifetime.

    As far as I can tell it's just a big iPod. Made for people who can't afford a Macbook.

  6. Some of these comments echo what I've been saying to some of my tech geek friends today.

    netbooks and e-readers always seemed like novelty electronics. netbooks seem like they're meant for people who can't afford laptops, and e-readers just seem pointless to me.

    the iPad's only innovation, it seems, is that it's the first product to use Apple's own in-house processor. but the features seem to be the same as an iPhone. no multitasking!

    not to mention the name. iPad? when does the iPad maxi with wings come out?

  7. This reminds me that I really need to update the COF app and also support the IPad. Hopefully soon...

  8. Apple should have shot for a budget notebook/web-book. I love Apple but even I can see that they will never rival MS with their current prices.

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  10. and about the reading-books-on-a-screen stuff:
    i never understood kindle and those other models, but at least they were sort of innovative. apple is obviously just taking the idea from others, which is not too "innovative."
    and why do i need to read a book on a computer screen anyway...?

    but i guess i'm just a simpler person. i have a fairly new macbook that i'm happy with, but other than that... i mean i have a "fifth generation ipod classic" (it was called an ipod video when i bought it) that's around five years old and an old flip phone. i'm happy with both. technology seems to be passing me by, i suppose..

  11. Well, Apple always is on the bleeding edge of technology... *snicker*

  12. -not to mention the name. iPad? when
    -does the iPad maxi with wings come

    I remember the Kotex box used to say "for your heavy days, your light days, and your in-between days"

    someone's idea of a joke perhaps?

  13. A construction worker on the third floor of a building needs a handsaw. He sees one of the labourers on the first floor and yells down to him, but the man indicates that he can't hear. So the guy on the third floor tries to use hand signals. He points to his eye, meaning "I", then to his knee, meaning "need", then he moves his hand back and forward, meaning "handsaw".
    The man on the first floor nods, then drops his pants and begins to masturbate.

    The man on the third floor freaks out and runs down to the first floor yelling, "What the hell is wrong with you? Are you stupid or something? I was saying that I needed a handsaw!"

    The labourer looks at the carpenter and says, "I knew that. I was just trying to tell you that I was coming"

  14. A penguin is out driving his car one day when all of a sudden the car begins to bunny hop, cough and splutter.
    The penguin manages to get the car to a service station before the car dies completely. The penguin then waddles into the service station and asks the mechanic to have a look.
    After much head shaking, umming and ahhing from the mechanic, he suggests to the penguin that he go somewhere for a couple of hours and then come back as he hasn't figured out the problem with the car yet.
    So the penguin decides to waddle across the road to the deli to buy himself an icecream, which he enjoys thoroughly and does a bit of window shopping before he heads back to the service station.
    When asking the mechanic the fate of his car, the mechanic says "It looks like you've blown a seal."
    "No no", says the penguin, wiping his mouth, "That's just icecream."

  15. 3 Curefans and 3 Greenday fans wanted to take the train to a major music festival. At the ticketing booth, the Greenday fans bought a ticket each, but the Curefans bought just one ticket between them. "How are you 3 going to get to the festival with only one ticket?" asked one of the Greenday fans. "Wait and see" replied one of the Curefans.

    They went onto the train and each of the Greenday fans took his seat, but the Curefans went to the bathroom and all 3 crammed into it. When the train started moving, the conductor started to collect the tickets from the passengers. He arrived at the Greenday fans and said "ticket please", and each of them handed over his ticket. He then continued towards the bathroom, gently knocked on the door 3 times and said "ticket please". The door opened slightly and a hand with a ticket appeared. The conductor took the ticket and said "thankyou". The Greenday fans were amazed by this and decided to copy the Curefans on the return trip home.

    Two days later when the festival ended, all 6 met at the train station. The Greenday fans bought one ticket for the journey home, but this time the Curefans didn't buy any ticket at all. The Greenday fans were astonished and one said "How are you guys going to get back with no ticket at all? I hope you're not thinking that we will share the bathroom!". "Just wait and see" said the Curefans.

    They all boarded the train and the Greenday fans quickly crammed themselves into a bathroom, while the Curefans crammed themselves into a nearby one. Shortly after the train started moving, one of the Curefans exited the bathroom, walked towards the Greenday fans' bathroom, knocked on the door and said "ticket please!"

  16. @fuchsia-kst

    "itampon" was a trending topic on twitter for a while.

  17. My hero, @serafinowicz:

    With a name like 'iPad' it's very, very difficult to take this thing seriously.

  18. Here's one for all you musicians (Sorry it's kinda corny, but I couldn't resist):

    A 'C', 'G' and 'E' flat walk into a bar, and seeing them the bartender yells, "Hey, no minors allowed!".

  19. Some of you might recognise this one from somewhere, it's my favourite:

    Man: Doctor, I keep having these terrible nightmares. One morning I woke up thinking I was Donald Duck and yesterday I woke up and I thought I was Pluto!!

    Doctor: You have nothing to worry about, it's just a mild case of Disney spells..

  20. Where did I hear/see that joke before, N-bob? Was it on the Cure Play Out video?

  21. Well done, Swifty :)
    Now for the 1 million dollar question.. who was sharing the joke with who??

  22. LOL!

    Anyone remember the Apple Newton? Before its time! :)

  23. @Swifty - Amen to that..
    The fat guy was Mike Hedges, ex band producer. Bit of useless trivia there for you.. and yes the joke was told to Simon! *gives million dollars anyway* :p
    Love that video but I don't have VHS anymore.. *sigh*.. wonder if that will find it's way to DVD..

  24. I never realised that guy was Mike Hedges. Didn't recognise him without the beard. Thanks for the dough, it'll come in handy for sure! I'd invite you round for "Cure Play Out" viewing if you didn't live back of burke.
    Jeez! No've gotta move with the times man!

  25. Mmm.. well I would get my VHS Cure collection converted to disc, but l'm paranoid something will go wrong making the tapes unusable.. :p
    Haha! You know, I really don't think he (Mike) has aged at all. From really early footage in 'Staring at the Sea' (another one I miss watching due to lack of video player..) to recent pics on FB, the only thing that HAS changed him is that beard!


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