Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fan effort to make A Forest #1 in UK charts

"A fan on Facebook has set up an event to get “A Forest” to number 1 on the week of Robert's birthday."
(Thanks Aaron and Danny)

Update: And if you really care about any of this, fans of The Smiths and Girls Aloud are also attempting something similar in Feb.



    This is the group guys and I might be making a website!

    It doesnt matter where you live, you can help us!

  2. Hey Craig, speaking of fans, I'm hosting a CoF meet in Pasadena on Saturday, Feb. 13th.
    We'll meet at the California Pizza Kitchen at 12:30, the address is:
    99 N. Los Robles Ave.
    Pasadena, CA 91101
    At Union Street

    I have a Facebook event set up for the lunch, it's

    We'd love to know how many are planning to come so we can warn the CPK staff :D so please RSVP if you think you can make it.

    (Feb. 14th is the 10th anniversary of the release of Bloodflowers, but it's also Valentine's Day AND our 10th wedding anniversary so we decided to have the CoF meet the day before.)

  3. I love the idea, just not the song choice. Personally, I would have liked to have seen a more modern song fronting the campaign, giving more casual fans a reason to buy something from 4:13 Dream. Perhaps resulting in that album being pushed back into the charts.

    Or on second thoughts, something from Disintegration maybe. Adding to the publicity for the re-release.

  4. @AndrewV

    Yes I thoguht a typical pop Friday, or even TOO from 4:13, but Jenny set this up and to be fair itd be even more of a feat if we used a Forest!

    There is always christmas for that ;)


  5. Being the curmudgeon I am, I'm not on facebook... I'm guessing I just need to download the single the appropriate week, right?

  6. That is correct, from is the cheapest, there will be messages out when we need to do it =]

  7. Somewhat unrelated, but I couldn't help noticing that Craig has taken down the tour news down from the top of the page (as of late blah blah month there are no current plans to tour)
    Is it me reading too much into things again or is there something brewing...(?)

  8. @notherbob did you have to point that out? now i'm just going to be anxiously awaiting an explanation for that until i'm let down :( haha

  9. Nice to dream, I suppose..
    Mmm.. very 'cure'ious indeed..
    *Goes back to couch used on 'flux' thread*

  10. Back on topic
    This has been tried before and from memory, I think it worked! I can't pinpoint the exact cause for it but was something to do with the Idol program and not wanting to hear some rubbish single over the Christmas period.
    It was either in the US or UK. Someone came up with 'Killling In The Name Of' by Rage Against The Machine..
    Good luck and keep us posted.. :P

  11. I would guess that it was taken down to make room for the other "news" like the collaborations, if I was the guessing sort.

    *passes notherbob some more cider while sitting on the sofa, waiting*

    "More Tim Tams, anyone?"

  12. Obama is looking for love and won't get it, no way. When we can have peace on the streets and all of my neighbors are comfortable, then he will have our approval.

  13. Sorry, here's the correct link for the CoF meet on Facebook -

  14. Nothing to read into that. Just cleaning up a bit, and moving stuff around. Sorry.

  15. Yeah the Rage Against the Machine thing happened this Christmas in the UK.

    However, there is a big difference between the Rage thing and this. The RATM thing was about blocking Simon Cowell's annual Xmas number one with his X-factor winner (think American Idol my international friends).

    This is a good chance to put a Cure song back in the charts though.

  16. It is a couple of weeks after an Ultravox campaign, and they agreed to try and help us after that.

  17. I think it is a great shout. At least it might make some people hear a very good song. Not sure if it will work if so many other band fans are doing the same thing but think its a good idea. at least it makes a mockery of an otherwise nonsense thing .

  18. @AndrewV127 - Did the RATM thing get the #1 spot? I can't remember..

  19. I support this and would love to help, but can U.S. people even participate? Seems like only UK orders would count for a UK chart.

  20. @halo eighteen -

    you'll just pay the US conversion price, around $1.13

  21. The 17 Seconds drops a new song!



  22. Good effort, i hope it introduces people to the Cure. Personally i would have tried to get the 10 minute live version of Faith to number 1... ;)

  23. Yes Notherbob. RATM did get to number one and every old lady in the country let out a resounding "tut" upon it's announcement. I loved it.