Monday, December 14, 2009

My Days Beyond free download

The last of Roger's free downloads concludes with 1997's unreleased album My Days Beyond - "Written and recorded in my apartment in London during 1997, this is quite a large group of songs which would have been at the time written as possible songs for the upcoming Cure record (Bloodflowers)."


  1. So this is kind of a tangent but does anyone remember on the Dream Tour when The Cure finished their show and Robert said at the very end, "We're sorry about there is no if." I think this was in Denver, but maybe Salt Lake. I can't help but picture Roger standing there behind his keyboard saying in a weepy whisper, "Should've, Could've been one of these songs." I am LOVING this download!!! Many thanks to you Roger, I am patiently waiting for 2010 to hear what's next...

  2. Yeah, right... and I can't help but picture Doctor Bob creeping up on him from behind, hitting him on the head with a rubber chicken and saying something like: "Listen again. You'll hear the reason why..."