Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cure live at Shepherd's Bush 1997 on BBC 6

Update: You can download the show here. (Thanks Heron)

On the BBC iPlayer for a limited time - The Cure recorded at Shepherd's Bush Empire in 1997. Presented by Chris Hawkins. (Thanks JC)


  1. Ohh that is excellent - nice and bassey. I want that on CD!

  2. In honor of the 1-year anniversary of the Troubadour concert I've posted a retrospective on my blog

    Happy 12:13 Everyone!

  3. About time the BBC put something decent up. What the hell am I paying my license fee for? Between the occasional jem like this and Dr Who the BBC isn't worth £140.

  4. Add David Attenborough's Life and you're pretty much there i would agree..

  5. Speaking of the Troubadour Show, is anyone selling the lightbulb gig poster from that show?

  6. Stephanie,
    The studio that made the poster has some artist proofs for sale for only $25. I bought one and it's exactly the same as the numbered ones, and it has been signed by the poster artist too.

    I've also seen ones from the show on ebay on occasion, but you'll pay ten times as much as buying one from the artists.

    Their website is

  7. Oh man, I remember this concert. Did both nights if I remember correctly. Sweaty pit fest at the front. Brilliant.

    Been trying to get hold of a decent bootleg for ages. Is anyone gonna burn this or have a decent full length bootleg available?


  8. For those of you who want a copy of this excellent concert, here it is:

  9. Ah, Shepherd's Bush, sweet memories... the second night was my first concert abroad. We were on the 2nd floor together with Italians, people from Poland and many more nationalities I've long since forgotten - had a great time. Robert's family was also there.

    However, after the concert we went for a snack and turned out to have entered a place where some, well, really strange guys gathered, like a Sicilian ex-maffia-member and some weird Dutchman involved in drugs traffic. Talked with them (ok, they kind of obliged us) until four or five (and had a lot of drinks) when suddenly the police entered the place. After some explanation we were allowed to leave and headed for the subway station. On our way there, some merchant who was getting his store ready for the next morning, was robbed in front of our eyes.

    Anyway, great concert, but I was really happy to be back on our train to Belgium ;-)