Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Shawn pick Cure songs

Update: "Due to circumstances beyond my and DJ ArcaTek's control, I will not be on Radiation Radio this weekend as originally planned. However, I WILL still be on, just one week later, from 2am (possibly earlier) to 6am on the night of December 5/morning of December 6, so keep voting for which Cure tracks you want me to play. Just as a reminder, the show plays dance-oriented music (synthpop, industrial, new wave, etc.), so please keep that in mind when you vote. Thanks, and I look forward to playing your selections! :)

Shawn will be a guest DJ on the Radiation Radio show, which is broadcast on WBNY 91.3 in Buffalo, NY,
on Nov. 28th/29th, and he wants your input on which Cure songs to play. See the comments for the info. (Thanks Shawn)


  1. From Shawn:

    Hi, everyone. Some of you CoFers know me, and some don't. I've been invited by DJ ArcaTek to do a guest spot on his weekly late night show, Radiation Radio, which is broadcast live every Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) from 2am (sometimes earlier) to 6am Eastern Time on Buffalo State College's radio station WBNY 91.3 in Buffalo, NY, and is also streamed online here:

    Why am I mentioning this on CoF? Well, I'm going to get at least two hours, so I'm going to play a couple of Cure tracks, one each of the hours that I'm on, and I'd like YOU to choose which Cure songs I play! Do you want a b-side or a rare track? I can do that. How about the remix that you've always wished were played on the radio or in a club? I can do that, too! It's a dance-oriented show (synthpop, industrial, new wave, etc.), so please keep that in mind when voting, but other than that, there are no limits.

    I'll be on the November 28th (technically November 29th) show, so you have about two weeks to vote. I look forward to seeing what everyone has in mind. Be ready to follow me to where the real fun is. :)

    -Shawn (DJ Eclipse)

  2. this is the last song,this is called :


  3. Hi Shawn. If I could make one request it would be to play some new stuff. Rather than go through the motions of Just Like Heaven, Love Song etc how about The Perfect Boy, This. Here and Now. With You or The Reasons Why.

    Thanks, and have fun being the most awesome DJ on the planet for two hours.

  4. i've always thought that both the mixed up era remixes of Primary (red mix) and Lets Go To Bed (Milk Mix) were better than most of the stuff on mixed up...
    of course i had all of the singles etc... so alot of mixed up wasn't new for me...

  5. don't play anything off the last two albums, since they're both horrid.

    play '2 late' of course.

  6. 'Underneath the Stars'...*sigh*

    The Starry Night
    by Anne Sexton

    That does not keep me from having a terrible need of -- shall I say the word -- religion. Then
    I go out at night to paint the stars.

    --Vincent Van Gogh in a letter to his brother

    The town does not exist
    except where one black-haired tree slips
    up like a drowned woman into the hot sky.
    The town is silent. The night boils with eleven stars.
    Oh starry starry night! This is how
    I want to die.

    It moves. They are all alive.
    Even the moon bulges in its orange irons
    to push children, like a god, from its eye.
    The old unseen serpent swallows up the stars.
    Oh starry starry night! This is how
    I want to die:

    into that rushing beast of the night,
    sucked up by that great dragon, to split
    from my life with no flag,
    no belly,
    no cry.

  7. Or the Unplugged version of 'A Letter to Elise'... *sigh*

    So many brilliant songs -- how can you possibly pick only a couple to play? :-)

  8. UTS followed by Halo and This Twilight Garden!

    That's my vote.

  9. rev took the words from my keyboard! :)

  10. Since you stated it was a "dance-oriented" show and it leans a lot towards some of the stuff at the beginning, I vote for a faster remix of A Forest, Jumping Someone Else's Train and latest live version of Killing an Arab and old-school Primary.

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  12. 'This Twilight Garden' ... OH, YEAH! Excellent choice!

  13. Just to let everyone know, I'm checking back a few times a day to check on the vote. Craig, you're free to vote, too, and so is V. :)

  14. Please play '2 Late'. Thank you Shawn! (:

  15. Vote update:

    This Twilight Garden - 4 votes
    Underneath the Stars - 3
    Jumping Someone Else's Train - 2
    2 Late - 2

    Several songs currently have just one vote, so I won't list them just yet. There are still about eight days left to vote, so keep on voting. :)

  16. This Twilight Garden
    New Day
    Love Will Tear Us Apart
    The Walk (Everything Mix)
    Going Nowhere

  17. Primary (red mix)
    Underneath the stars
    and yes, Harold and Joe, we don't hear enough Harold and Joe ;)

  18. How about the walk remix from the future retro releases. Very cool !!!!!!

  19. Twilight Garden
    The Big Hand
    A Few Hours After this

    On second thought, just randomly pull out a record, close your eyes and point to a song...They're all amazing!!!

  20. Don't you guys read Shawn (DJ) comment?

    "It's a dance-oriented show"

    then requesting 'faith' or 'new day' or 'this twilight garden' here is maybe... they are great songs, but there's a misunderstanding.

    Swan, please play 'a forest tree mix)', thanks

  21. I don't give a diddly squat what style of music the station NORMALLY plays. Just play TG, BH and H&J followed by the Platters mogadon induced cover of Unchained Melody...and if the regular punters are disatisfied then suck eggzz, douchees!

    Oh, and Happy Yanksgiving btw

  22. "This morning" and "At night" please...

  23. "Harold and Joe" is a really good fit for your format.

  24. anything from "mixed up"


    strange attraction

    same deep water as you

    disintegration (live)

    plainsong (live - dodger stadium)


    piggy in the mirror


    2 late

    to the sky

    birdmad girl

    a strangeday

    three imaginary boys

    this twilight garden

    love will tear us apart

  25. I almost forgot....

    other voices


    jumping someone else's train

    the figurhead

    grinding halt

    a forest

    fir in cairo

    the kiss



    down under

    without you


    taking off

  26. Vote update:

    This Twilight Garden - 7 votes
    Underneath the Stars - 5
    Harold & Joe - 5
    Jumping Someone Else's Train - 3
    2 Late - 3

    ...and a whole slew of songs with one or two votes, including their cover of Joy Division's 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. I have nothing against the cover, but would you really want to hear that over a Cure original? I'm not trying to influence the vote. I'm just curious.

  27. Was it Robert or somebody else singing the whacky background vocals on "Do The Hansa"?

    Anyhowl, 1 vote for DTH, a totally rad song and one of my besties : )

  28. fascination street (extended mix)

    I LOVE THE INTRO! Dancing already...

  29. these all come to mind:
    Just One Kiss
    Hey You!!!
    Throw Your Foot
    The Exploding Boy
    A Japanese Dream
    Shiver and Shake

    and i'd add a vote for
    2 late
    A Pink Dream