Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Cold Case used Other Voices in a flashback scene last Sunday. (Thanks Gregg)

"Boys Don't Cry is on a trailer for 500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Here is a link to the video. This is an Italian trailer, don't know if the song has been used in other countries too." (Thanks Laura)

"on french tv France 2 thursday 12th Nov, the program 'Envoye Special' (investigation and reports) has a long report about piracy (films and music) and during the infos about bootlegs and computer sharing, they played 'boys don't cry and the lovecats' sound clips." (Thanks Fabien G)

Crawdaddy really loves Plainsong. (Thanks Heron)

A Robert mention in an NPR article on Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series, and a Cure mention in a John Mayer review in The Daily Iowan. (Thanks Kate)


  1. The Sandman is awesome. Best. Comic book. Series. Ever.

    And yeah his look is sometimes based on Robert.

  2. Totally agree, Andrew. Nothing touches it. My favorite series of all time.

  3. Yeah I heard Gaiman might be writing a Dr Who episode next year. That would be incredible.

  4. Some of the drawings of the characters in The Sandman were based on punks that hung out in downtown Salt Lake City in the 80's.