Friday, August 21, 2009

The Cure Are Dead...on YouTube

"Someone has posted “The Cure Are Dead” on YouTube (audio only), the song that was played live in Brussels at the end of the final 1982 Cure concert before Simon left the band - “The pornography tour ends in confusion on June 11-1982 at Brussels in Belgium. The last song of this show, 'the cure are dead', was an improvisation with Robert Smith on drums, Lol Tolhurst on bass, Simon Gallup on guitar and Gary Biddles, Simon's friend [and a roadie], on vocals, who’s criticizing Smith and Tolhurst. Following the concert, Simon Gallup left the group. Robert Smith does not talk to him for eighteen months.” (Thanks Jerre)


  1. thats been out on mp3 along witht he whle concert for awhile now..if anyoe wants it contact me.'

    its not the best quality especially the first song figurehead . was s bad i deleted it but the rest including cure is dead is ok...

  2. and it's been on YouTube for a while too...

  3. Someone asked me to post it, so I did. No one is claiming any big, new discovery here.

  4. I never heard it, I love it, only thing better would be a Gallagher brother type fight on stage. Too bad there's no vid too. Thanks!

  5. I can't hear the "Wanker" thing

    at what minute/seconds does that come in ??

    Or is it legend :)

    (What I hear is RS drumming for a half or whole minute after the guy stopped singing
    and then, totally at the end,
    I do hear like some thin wooden bamboo sound smoothly banging near a mic, then the crowd goes booing)

  6. Biddle calls Smith and Tolhurst wankers about 4 minutes, 30 seconds into the "song."