Monday, June 1, 2009


"Just watching Ashes to Ashes on BBC1, and All Cats are Grey came on! Played from about 30 seconds before vocals come in all the way to the end." (Thanks boc)

Cure mention in a DM review. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Wow, it´s good to see CUREspotting thread is back on COF.

    I missed it.

    Great, Craig...


  2. Ashes to Ashes on bbc, good show great music always playing Visage, The Clash, The Cure ect.

  3. I saw this last night too. Couldn't believe my ears! Its a great show!

    In an episode a couple of weeks ago there was a scene in a teenagers bedroom. The boy was sat on his bed with a picture of the Cure (later than 1982 when it is set) on one side and a Banshees poster on the other!

  4. Tim Pope is involved in the show(not sure at what level), so he may have a bit to do with this?!...apart from the fact that it is a show set in the 80s and The Cure SHOULD feature...

  5. I watch Ashes to Ashes EVERY week hoping for some Cure in there somewhere... And the one time I miss it, All Cats Are Grey shows up. Will have to watch on iPlayer today! I'll re-watch the one with the kid in it too and look out for the poster; dunno how I managed to miss the Cure picture. I did notice the Banshees one though.


    From Tim Pope's site

  7. I bloody love Ashes to Ashes and this was the icing on the cake...

    I was certain our dear band would be ignored as usual but no! And it was something nice and miserable too...

    Great episode...nice and dark.

    Time Pope's involved? It gets better!