Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cryfest Championship of the World!

Black Cat DC and FYM Productions


  1. Does the winner play Roger Federer? No chance there!

  2. Black Cat (a great venue, btw) has hosted Cryfest before, and the events are pretty popular!

    Even written up as recommended by the Washington Post:

    Washington Post
    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Billed as the Crybaby Championship of the World, the Black Cat's Cryfest is an event no sensitive boy (or girl) should miss. The two-DJ battle pits one spinning the music of Robert Smith and the Cure against one playing Morrissey and the Smiths. Such an epic clash, too: Who will win -- black-clad Goths with eyeliner and hair moussed to the ceiling or sensitive boys with horn-rimmed glasses and gladioli in their back pockets? "Just Like Heaven" or "This Charming Man"? The mind boggles.

    -- Fritz Hahn

    Good times!

  3. "cryfest" pfft! every night of my life...

    le sigh.

  4. Heehee, sofia! :)

    How are plans coming along?

  5. kate, thanks for asking, sweets. :) things are coming along. slowly, but coming along nonetheless!
    freakin beauaucracy...

    (i hope that question was for me, btw, and i'm not just giving out info no one wants! eep!)

  6. *hug* sofia

    Yes sofia, the question was for you! :) I understand the challenges... went through it myself a few years ago. As always, lemme know if I can help with anything!