Friday, May 22, 2009

Robert's intros on Sirius XM

Update: Here are the songs and promos (no RS intros) from 5/22 8pm-12am (which includes Sirius XM Cure interview promo, Caterpillar Girl (Flicker mix), Lovecats, Sirius XM Cure Hollywood Bowl promo, A Forest (Remix mix) ).

And here's 5/23 12am-4am (which includes Pictures of You (extended dub mix), Sirius XM Cure interview promo, Let's Go To Bed, Sirius XM Cure Hollywood Bowl promo, Lovecats (extended), Robert talks about songwriting, If Only Tonight We Could Sleep).

Here are Robert's intros (and songs) from 8am-3pm (5/22). The file contains a Sirius XM Cure promo, Disintegration, Robert intro/Never Enough (Bigger Mix), The End of the World (Live), Robert intro/Purple Haze (Cure's cover), Sirius XM Cure promo, The Lovecats, Robert intro/A Letter to Elise, Sirius XM Cure special promo, 10:15 Saturday Night. (Thanks Pussycat)


  1. Thanks. I hope andy will have the bowl show up soon. Thanks in advance andy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. every time when i hear "disintegration" i´m completely out of this world... greatest song in music history

  3. My dad said I can't download here....


  4. Zoe,
    I'm sure someone would be happy to mail you a disc of the show. Even I would do it. Send me an email with an address or something and I'll do it.

    And as for the show!

    FLAC recording is up on Demonoid at

    Gonna mirror it on The Pirate Bay and I'm also working on a 4 part RAR file.

    then of course is an mp3 torrent followed by direct links.

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  6. You guys are all very welcome and it is my pleasure to pull an all nighter to help out.

  7. 8pm-12am

  8. Really good intro at the end from Robert!


  9. Wow, amazing work Pussycat & Andy.

    Is there a chance to get the Hollywood Bowl show mp3 on mega, rapid, etc, PLEASE ???

    Thanks in advance.


  10. Thank again, Pussycat and Andy!

  11. I can't download them! :( :( :( :( :(