Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cure not replacing DM at Pinkpop

"Today various Dutch (online) newspapers had a story about the worries of the Pinkpop festival organization whether Depeche Mode will be able to make it as headliner. After several cancellations of concerts, Jan Smeets (Pinkpop's organizer) is taking into account that Depeche Mode may not perform next Sunday May 31st. He is in contact with their management every day. In the meantime, Smeets is seriously looking for a replacement. The newspapers report that he has contacted The Cure and asked them to headline the festival. However, according to Smeets, The Cure said they will not be able to make it on Sunday." (Thanks Maarten)


  1. Arghh, it would be very good if CURE at last hour, will be able to play @ Pink Pop.

    They were there many times before.


  2. Any thoughts about the reason(s) that CURE has for not playing Pinkpop ?

    Travels, family matters, just relaxing time ?


  3. I'm guessing the band (or at least Robert) is staying statside for a few weeks then?
    Is there going to be some sort of big relevation in this interview? I can't see him just going out there for the memorial day stuff?

  4. Mad Bob RJS:

    The cure only played pinkpop 1 time...back in 1986.

    But when i heard depeche mode maybe not playing at pinkpop ( i have tickets because they came)...than i heard they contacted The Cure !!! but they can made it on sunday (wondering what the cure is doing that day???????)

  5. So what's going on with DM? I'm hearing all kinds of rumors...

  6. I don't know, but I hope it's just a lot of nonsense, and fan speculation. Dave is supposed to get a checkup today or tomorrow, and then they will announce whether the London and Pinkpop shows will go on as scheduled, or if they will have to be canceled as well.

    I just hope Dave gets well soon, and that it's nothing more serious than what has been said officially.

  7. I'm sure they are having a HUGE birthday party for Simon on Sunday or Monday night and cannot make the show. Simon did have to celebrate his birthday in CA last year without his family so maybe that's it.

    ps - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON (6/1)