Friday, April 10, 2009

Schecter help?

Can anyone help Steve with this? Or give him more info? Thanks.

"Have you tried to order or do you know of anyone ordering any of The Cure models? Guitar Center and Musicians Friend have had them on backorder since December and now they are saying they won't be available until May.
When I called Schecter they said they were still waiting on a shipment from Korea. I paid for my Schecter Porl Thompson Corsair waaaay back in December and am still waiting for it to get here. This is preposterous. I know Schecter reps go to your site sometimes. I really would like to find out what is going on." (Thanks Steve)


  1. i have the robert edition, i ordered it from guitar center,
    it was taking forever and they were telling me the same thing (that it was on back order and they were waiting for a shipment),

    i then called schecter and was getting the same run around, i eventually called back and told them i was an employee of guitar center and what was going on with this customers order, i got a hold of a manager in shipping whot hen got me in touch with a regional someone or other i explained to him that "my customer" was getting horrible service and this was not acceptable (wouldnt it have been nice if guitar center had actually cared to do this on my behalf) and within a week they sent one to guitar center for me, i would suggest having the manager of guitar center call on your behalf and demand they send one, guitar center is a huge account for them and they will listen to them

  2. When I ordered my Schecter Ultracure, 2 summers ago, it took 3 months to get to me. When a friend of mine ordered his last summer it took about 6 months.
    In both cases we were told oh wait just another month EVERY month until it came in.

    Here is the secret, Schecter has no control over the delivery, nor do the Music Companies.
    Its whenever the Koreans decide to throw it on a boat and ship it.

    If you can find an "advocate", they may be able to locate 1 for you, this was the tactic I employed, my friend was not so lucky, however my "advocate" was able to find a case for him even though it is being said that they are discontinued.

    Guitar Center, Musicians Friend, and Music 123, ALL USE THE SAME WAREHOUSE AND DISTRIBUTION COMPANY. This is why the "in stock" date will be the same for all of them, so don't cancel your order to go with someone else, think of them all as the same company, even though they are not.

    More bad news, the case is just as hard if not harder to get.

    The good news is they are great guitars, I bought mine with the intent of preserving it, but it has became my main guitar. Even though I am endorsed by another major guitar manufacturer,
    I record and perform with it most the time. To hear and see it in action check out.

    Good luck, its worth the wait!

    Good job Robert you made a great guitar - although the inlays are very hard to see on a dark stage ;)

  3. I do know that if they are putting things on boats to ship over to the US, it takes months because they have to wait until they fill the containers. It depends on the factory and how much they are shipping out too. It is crazy. Someone needs to build mega planes for air freighting things over instead of the slow boat from china, so to speak.

  4. I had the same experience. First, I was told I would receive it the next week. Then the week after that. Sorry, turns out someone was accidentally shipped yours. Looks like next month is going to be your month! Oh sorry, I meant NEXT month.

  5. You're so right about the inlays. I love the guitar but it is kind of hard to see the inlays in the dark. I can see why Robert had the glow in the dark markers put in. I got to see it up close last week when I stopped by at Schecter. I wish I can have those put in on mine. The guys there said it's a lot of work though.

  6. Wow. Maybe it is not so preposterous after all. I guess this is just how Schecter does business. Maybe the glossy Schecter catalog should mention the delays. Thanks for the responses, people. I can see I am definitely not alone in this predicament. I've been getting the "wait one month" thing too. But after dropping hundreds of dollars, you would think the distributor I paid would at least call or send an e-mail to me once every couple of months of delay time. Instead I have to look on the "big three" websites and check the "available date".

    Wouldn't it be cool if they had these Corsair or Cure guitars on hand in a local guitar store? At least ONE or maybe two per city or something instead of the stereotypical guitar store with a wall shrine of Les Pauls. (Nothing wrong with Les Pauls, I'm just sayin')!

    So is this just something most guitar manufacturers have to deal with?

  7. That is strange to here that. I ordered my Porl Schecter about a a month after it came out. After I ordered it from a local dealer I had it a week and a half later.

  8. I talked to my Mom last night who works in a small music store and she said that they did stock a few of Robert's guitars and a Porl guitar which all sold right away but they haven't tried to re-order any of them yet. However, when they re-order any of the regular schecter guitars they get them right away. So it might just be more of the "special" guitars that are more in demand.

  9. Easy solution!
    Buy Fender guitars!

  10. paul said...
    Easy solution!
    Buy Fender guitars!
    You dont seriously want to go there do you?

    This is a custom line, this is not a full production line.
    Like with most custom lines the product life is limited and so the production usually is. I would guess that Schecter gears up the "custom assembly line" to make a particular custom model for say 2 months, then switches to another model for another period of time and so on. Its generally not cost effective accommodate oney-sy two-sy orders. Im guessing they wait till they have enough orders, then switch production to that custom model. This would also explain the quick deliver time when first introduced as they probably had a bit of inventory before they released it.

    Granted, this is pure speculation, but it is a typical business model.

  11. I think the point was this: Exercise your opinion of Schecter's business model by buying a product manufactured and sold in your country of origin.

  12. (Unless Schecter guitars come with a Hyundai-like ten year, 100,000 mile warranty. Then it might be worth the wait.)

  13. My local Guitar Center had the UltraCure when it came out. I have never seen Porl's Corsair - or any other Corsair - in stock at GC.
    While it sucks not to hear from the company after you have paid them, I would guess that there is no demand for those models.

  14. hi all. sorry guys, but korean schecters cannot be good. regardless if it's a custom line or standard models. i work with guitars and trust me - anything else than an instrument from a main factory (i.e. amercian fender or gibson, japanese ibanez, etc) it's not worth it money. you don't want to tell me that robert's guitar is made in korea as well, do you?
    i'd agree with paul - buy a good guitar if you want to play on it or buy a korean robert's schecter if you want it too look like robert's guitar.

  15. Yikes, not only one of you went "there" but a handful did.

    Here is where fact and fiction on this topic will be forever blurred. I will refer to it as "opinion".

    I own MANY guitars, admittedly most are American made, examples are,Gibson Les Paul, Fender AMERICAN standard, Jackson soloist, Martins, and Guilds.

    While *most* US made instruments are better quality, I can provide a few examples of good imported guitars,and the Ultra Cure is definitely one of these.

    Set neck, great stock Seymour Duncan pickups, quality pots, jacks and tuners, and especially the tone pros bridge, which is far superior than the bridge on my $2300 USA made Les Paul, and pretty good workmanship.

    American Strat=$1100
    Bolt on neck=cheap construction,
    stock anemic pickups, noisy blade switch, already had to be replaced.
    Top is mostly PLASTIC, huge swimming pool area of wood routed out under plastic. OK bridge.

    The UltraCure has become my main recording and performing guitar.
    I will be playing a 20000+
    festival with Skillet this summer,
    and I will be playing my Ultra Cure!....and maybe my Les Paul ;)

    Wanna check out our latest release,
    steeped in Ultra Cure ambiance.
    Catch the Stars-

    Please no flamin the music,
    lets stick to the topic of the guitar.

    Guitars are merely tools to get the sound you want at the time,
    different tools for different sounds, hard to say which is best.

  16. Wait a minute...

    I thought as opposed to a Gibson Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw Les Paul and a Epiphone Zakk Wylde Buzzsaw Les Paulmodel, the Schecters were all the same. I thought Schecter actually touted that fact in interviews. Which made sense because the price is close to $1000for an import guitar.


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  18. I didn't read all the comments, but I wouldn't order the guitar from Guitar Center or Musician's Friend in the first place.

    The best place to order Schecters is from Drum City Guitarland in Colorado. If they have it in stock it will be on the site. If it isn't in stock it won't be on the site. They are the biggest online Schecter dealer. I have bought two guitars from them and their prices are always the best. Their customer service is great too. They'll even set up the guitar according to your specs before shipping. I can't recommend them enough. Guitar Center is like the Walmart of guitar stores. Yuck!

    Cancel your order and call these guys, seriously.

  19. PS- It looks like both guitars are out of stock at Drum City Guitarland, but give them a call and you can probably get a straight forward answer from them on when they expect more.

  20. Ive had to wait months for my Porl Thompson and 2 Robert Smith guitars,

    I had to replace one of the 2 Robert guitars, because I had The Cure autograph it and Lol and Dempsy were kind enough to sign it recently, So i wont touch it now, Unless I get a chance to add more autographs to it.

    As for the inlays being hard to see when in use at a concert, They are not hard for Robert, Simon or Porl.

    Robert and Porl showed me that Schecter puts custom glow in the dark bubbles on the top of the neck for them to clearly see the inlays in the dark,,, Pretty cool looking, wish they did it for the average joes,,,

    SO if someone trys to sell you a Schecter that they say was used by The Cure remeber if it does not have those glow in the dark bubbles built into the neck then its just a normal Schecter.

    5 More days till the Cure comes to VEGAS!!!!!! :)

  21. Might sound strange, but I've done it twice with great results (UltraCure and Hellcat VI). You should order from

    They are a major Schecter dealer. If you call and they say they have it, they really have it and will ship it out to you in about a day. They also do a set-up so you can request high or low action, etc. Great service, good prices.

  22. See, Matthew recommends Drum City Guitarland too.

  23. Guitar center and Musician's friend look for the highest bidder on Ebay first (especially during these times). You paid regular price so they will tell you it's on back order. Schector won't say much because Sam Ash, Guitar Center, and Musician's friend are their life blood and don't care as much for a single customer but rather for the large orders these vendors put in. Look on Ebay and others sites such if you think i'm wrong. I work in the Guitar industry :). It's a great guitar though (i played one at the Namm show in Anaheim) and well worth the wait. Good Luck.

  24. Sorry to hear some of you are having trouble receiving your Cure model Schecter. While there is something to be said about quality vs. price and the old saying you get what you pay for, a good/great guitar player can make a pawnshop guitar sound awesome. I have 15 guitars, ranging from the cheap to the expensive. Each has it's own unique quality and voice. A few years back I traded an original Fender Jag-stang for an Eastwood Savannah. The Jag-stang couldn't hold a tune to save it's life, and the Eastwood is built in China, and plays like a dream. So cheap in cost doesn't always relate to poor quality and workmanship. Now that being said, I own a 2000 Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster re-issue, that is a tank and is hands down my favorite guitar, and it cost me roughly $1300-$1400. I also own a Sampson Era Matchless DC-30, which I had to wait 8 months for, but the wait was well worth it. Anyway, just my $0.02.