Friday, April 3, 2009

Cure in Japan 1984

Rolling Stone's Flashback for today, takes us back to The Cure's tour of Japan in 1984, and a bizarre interview with Robert and Lol. (Thanks Kate)


  1. Wow, great CURE´s flashback.

    The hair is awesome.

    RS always have looked so uncomfortable to be on interviews.

    Nice memories.

    Good thing to see, no doubt.


  2. I like that the woman is honest. Too bad Rolling stone had to take something off of youtube that I'd already seen. Don't they have any footage themselves or couldn't they get any from some MTV cutting room floors? Rolling Stone took the lazy way out. Still, some Cure publicity is welcome.

  3. There are so many thing about this clip that are bizarre!

    I agree with mudfeld, too.

    Ah, remember the days when Robert wore white? :)

    Please tell me that the band members in the clip are Robert, Lol, Porl, Phil Thornalley, and Andy Anderson?

    Admittedly, I haven't scoured the 'net for old concert footage, so I got a kick out of seeing these particular band members. Very cool.

  4. haha. oh, robert. this weirdness was par for the course in japan. everything about the cure + japan + 1984 = strange.

    of course it was probably the drugs.

  5. That was maybe Andy's last gig? Robert sacked him during this trip to Japan because he had a drinking problem lol

    A week earlier they were in Australia and putting in some equally bizarre tv appearances, so it wasn't JUST Japan making them 'strange'

    Thanks for this fun one, Kate. You got the 5 band members correct

  6. And when will Live In Japan come out on DVD?

  7. It's already available on dvd in bootleg form. ;)

  8. I meant an oficial DVD, of course.

  9. Weird for sure but one of the more interesting moments in the Cure's History! I just love this time period for the CURE! The Top is still my favorite Cure album for it's weirdness!!!