Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More DM studio sessions

New Depeche Mode studio sessions: Wrong and Corrupt.
Update: And there's an interview and album retrospective (from 2001), too. There's a Cure mention in there, so it IS relevant. : P


  1. I love these studio session versions of the tracks - they're an interesting departure from the album versions (especially "Come Back"). :)

  2. I hope im seeing these guys at the NEC!! =] yay Birmingham

  3. I've been a fan of DM for about 25 years, ever since People are People first came out.

    They have only really disapointed me one time: Exciter.

    Guess what? SOFTU is # 2.

    This album sucks, plain and simple. It's boring from start to finish, with a few exceptions 'Wrong', 'Fragile Tension', and 'Perfect'. The rest of the album sounds like Exciter left overs to me.

    I'm not sure how they could have gotten it so 'wrong' again after the brilliant Playing the Angel album.

    Using those old analog synths was a silly idea. The whole ambient theme on this album just does not work.

    What really sucks is now I have to wait another 4 years for the next album, lol. I remember back in the 80's we got a new DM album every year to 18 months...and they were always good.

    Miss those days, that's for sure.

  4. I will probably skip the tour as well. DM never play anything other than their greatest hits, and new songs. And they only do 20 songs if you're lucky...

    Thank God for The Cure, 35 songs, b-sides, rare album tracks...

    Robert definately knows his fan base more than the boys in DM do, that's for sure.

  5. Miller: I couldn't disagree more. I love SOTU! Equal to or greater than PTA, in my opinion. And to compare it to Exciter? Now that is harsh! : )

    "What really sucks is now I have to wait another 4 years for the next album, lol. I remember back in the 80's we got a new DM album every year to 18 months...and they were always good."

    Are you talking about DM or The Cure? : ) Hey, they're all getting older, and have lives outside of the bands. I think we're pretty fortunate to get anything from them these days.

  6. I think I like new DM album =)
    And what's wrong with Exiter?! - it is highly underrated, imho =(

  7. Yes Exciter is the WMS of Depeche Mode.
    And yes, I hate the widespread "it was better before attitude"
    And yes, SOTU sounds f****** great !

  8. why keep posying new tracks when the album was already posted on several blogs and there are torrents of it (not fake ones) ?

  9. SOFTU is quite bad. I can do better in Reason... Come back Alan we miss your programmings!

  10. And what about the dark companion to 4.13 Dream? Shouldn't it happen this month!?

  11. I've only heard Wrong so far and I like it (keeping the rest for the official release).
    The video is so creepy, I truly love it!

  12. So the record has leaked?
    All I heard was In Chains and Wrong.
    Was absolutely floored by inchains.
    If the rest sounds as good as that... WOW

  13. If SOTU contained 8-9 songs instead of 13, this would have been a classic. Corrupt, Come Back, In Chains and Little Soul are fantastic. Other than that, there are only 3-4 mediocre songs on this album, an impressive result these days. The previews to bonus tracks sound amazing too. Wish The Cure could have maintained this kind of quality over the years.

  14. OFF TOPIC:

    And there was me hoping for an April Fools gag, only to remember that it happens every 4 years at CoF :(

  15. Ah I don't have speakers, I can't the Corrupt :(

    I LOVEE DM. I've seen them live a few times, even up front. A great experience. High energy. I have so much fun during their shows.

    And I can't wait for SOTU - "WRONG" is AWESOME. PLA was a great album too.

    And I'm waiting until the album comes out, no leaks for me!

  16. Pioneers stick together !! ( mention of the Cure). I love those retrospective clips- can only find one on youtube. I have the ability to listen to a leak of SOTU- but having ordered the box set the other day- I'll wait, didn't know I could be such a patient person !!! Must tell hubby-lol. Anyways... PTA , in my opinion was one of the best DM albums ever released. It's amazing to me that I can say that, having listened for 25 years !!! I wish I could say that for my other beloved bands..*AHEM*. Having said that 4:13 Dream was def better than The Cure.. all in my opinion, no haters :P.

  17. PTA was a perfect DM album. Classical DM compositions, classical sound, yet updated to fit more with our time... Excellent.
    Yet... not the most daring DM album out there, nothing unconventional, nothing breaking the rules. They played it very safe, close to their strength.

    I guess it depends on what we want our DM to be: more daring and experimental, with more chances of making mistakes or safer and more conservative, less risky.
    Long-time fans are always a hard-to-please crowd.

    Me? While I think PTA is one of their best cohesive work of art, I'm all in favor for a little more risk-taking. Wrong seems to point that way and I'm hoping SOTU goes more that way too, while remaining a DM album, of course.

    I'm a sucker for constant evolution.
    That's why I love The Cure so much.

  18. Is anyone else as disappointed in the new DM album as I am? I haven't really liked much from them since Violator. Playing the Angel was the closest they have come to capturing the DM sound I like. Most of their post-Violator albums have too many guitars, too many slow songs, and not enough keyboard. I just hate the new single, "Wrong", it's grating.

  19. Imagine the cure and depeche hanging...which has happened on more than one occasion...they even got stuck together in the back of a truck during some festival in the wondy 80s.....i cant wait for songs of the universe! seeing them at the hollywood bowl....wow....after the cure at coach' of course....BUY the devotional dvd! unreal! anton corbijn is brilliant.... :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!-mark

  20. I love "Wrong." The lyrics alone blow me away. I like the live studio version much better than the finished product, though. I think it'd be cool if they'd release those versions along with the formal LP.

  21. HL - I agree.
    The Cure haven't maintained this kind of quality over the years. The quality of The Cure's output has been far greater...I'm talking lightyears.


  22. Lightyears since WMS and Ultra? Surely you jest.