Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pearl pre-sale tomorrow (Feb. 25th) at 10am

That's 10am pacific, 11am mountain, noon central, and 1pm eastern.

From the Ticketmaster page:

For the Citi Cardmember Presale: Tickets can only be purchased with a Citi credit card.
Password for the Citi Cardmember Presale: Enter the first 6-digits of your credit card account number (no dashes) located on the front of your Citi card.

For the Citi Cardmember Preferred Seating Offer: Tickets can only be purchased with a Citi credit card.
Password for the Citi Cardmember Preferred Ticket Offer: Enter the first 6-digits of your credit card account number (no dashes) located on the front of your Citi card. (Thanks V)


  1. does the home depot card issued by citi work? :D

  2. I never liked pre-sales. I always gotten better tickets when they went on sale to the General Public.

    But if you have a Citi Card, might as well try to get tickets ASAP but only get them if they are good!

  3. *crosses fingers that they will have pit tix*

  4. fingers also crossed! I'm working tomorrow but have my best people on it! Also, for those of you looking online I found the cheapest tickets for the Palms on cheaptickets.com 160/night on Friday and Saturday.
    Sara K

  5. I can't find anyone who wants to let me use their citibank card. So I will have to get tiks on Saturday and I am hoping there will be pit tiks left on Saturday!

  6. I read that the sale to the General Public will start on the 28th...

    Cheers to everyone going to London and/or Vegas!!

    Now the question is, will they make it to the East Coast in the very near future?

    Please Robert? PleeEEeeEeEEEeeese...??????

  7. With most of these CC pre-sales, the venue only releases a limited number of seats and they are throughout the entire venue not just to the best seats in the house. Most likely if you don't get tickets to the Pit at the Pre-sale, you still have a chance to get them at the General Public Sale.

    At least with my experience with pre-sales, I've gotten tickets in 1st level or way back on the floor but when I got them in the General Sale, I usually got tickets in the 1st 10 rows on the floor. So don’t get too upset if the pre-sale doesn’t offer you the best seats.

    But I'd still give it a go if I had a Citi Bank Card and see what happens, you never know what you can get.

    Good Luck in getting good tickets everyone & I'll keep my fingers crossed for you for the best seats possible!

  8. Helsabot---I also have been wondering why Robert doesn't do a show on the east coast soon? I couldn't make it to London & I won't be able to get to the West Coast in April. I'm so broke!

    Come on Robert give the East Coast Fans a break!!!

  9. I have a Citi Card, so I will try. :)

  10. Well, I am trying to get tickets... not up yet?

  11. OH! It's 10:00 am PACIFIC time!

  12. lol kate!!!

    i know! sara and i were so brain dead we were couldnt calculate the time change!!!

  13. so - kate - you are making the trip to vegas i take it??

    it would be great to see you again!!


  14. Chris! *hug*

    I am not able to get to Vegas right now, though I would love to.

    I have a Citi Card, so I was going to buy tickets and hopefully pass them on to someone here on COF.

    I was so excited! Braindead is true!

  15. Kate that is AWESOME!! your such a good CURE PEEP!


  16. I have hotel and flight booked. But don't have a citi card...till saturday

  17. how does stub hub already have tickets to this??


  18. Looks like ticketsnow has some posted already too. Looks like they are all ranging from 300-600

  19. those might be season ticket holders - or else ppl are just pre-posting. must be nice to be that confident that they are gonna get pit.

    and LOL KEL AND SARA!!!!!!!!!

    PIT VIBES!!!

  20. Wow that's some crazy prices at those ticket agaents! Only 5 minutes till the pre-sale!

    Good Luck Cure Peeps! If I had a Citi Card I'd do the same as Kate! So nice of her to get the tickets!

  21. damn sara i cant beleive you got us pit!!

    cat is going to be ecstatic!

    did you try to buy a few more?

    damn i was never so excited to have a city card! and thank you sara for getting them for us!!

    Kate? How'd you do babe?

  22. I got mine. But they don't say pit. They say general admission floor.

  23. Chris - I got two pit tickets. I figured that I would quit while I was ahead!

  24. Kate - you are the coolest cure chick ever!

    to buy tix for other cof peeps - thats just - thats just AWESOME!!!

    KEL?? you get yours babe?